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Raptr Announces Most Played PC Games For January 2014

Raptr has announced the release of a new infographic showing the most played games for January 2014 for PC. A few newcomers are added to the rising list this month that includes such popular games from Garry's Mod creators that includes DayZ and Rust. Read on to learn more.

From the Press Release
Raptr revealed the most played PC games of January 2014. New for this month, the standalone version of DayZ and newcomer Rust, from the creators of Garry's Mod, both fought their way onto the list.

A Few Highlights
From the creators of Garry’s Mod, Rust launched on December 11 via Steam Early Access and almost immediately shot up Steam’s sales and most played charts. Then in late January, daily gameplay hours suddenly tripled, possibly as a result of media coverage. The game’s already sold 750k copies (at $20 each) and earned 2/3 the revenue of Garry’s Mod, which has been around for eight years.

Also in its first full month of release, DayZ came in at the 14th spot. It’ll be interesting to watch how these two perform in the coming weeks.

Playtime for both DOTA 2 and League of Legends increased in January. While DOTA 2 still topped the charts with 7.96% of all PC playtime among members, LoL was up 15% over last month compared to a 5% boost for DOTA 2. (League of Legends playtime tracking only works during actual games and not lobby time due to the way the game’s designed, so LoL playtime would compare even more favorably with DOTA 2 if it could be tracked in the same way.)

To see the top most played PC games in January, along with additional highlights and insights, please visit the Raptr blog at http://caas.raptr.com/raptrs-most-played-pc-games-january-2014-the-rise-of-rust-and-dayz/
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