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Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS (Accessory Review)

DacMagic XS is an all new audio enhancement accessory made available for both PC and Mac from Cambridge Audio. The company is known for its unique audio accessories that make good on the promises the packaging description makes and for building products that last many years down the road. Their new device is an extremely high quality product that can turn the audio of any computer into the same spectacular sound of other music players on the market. The DacMagic XS quickly connects to any laptop, desktop or similar device via a USB drive and delivers booming bass and other high quality sounds directly through users' headsets. The design of the device is simple and is small enough to be easily transportable along with laptops, but the sound delivered from the DacMagic XS is powerful enough to enhance the audio playback of electronics at home as well. Users will need to drop a lot of money to purchase the product, but for music lovers, gamers and other tired of struggling with poor audio quality from their computer, the DacMagic XS is well worth the price being asked.

The DacMagic XS connects to any laptop whether PC or Mac via USB. The cables for the device are short, so it's definitely built to be easily portable, which can cause problems when trying to set up the device for home use. Most users will be shocked at how small the device really is, as it measures in at about 2" x 1" or roughly the size of pack of gum. Of course, the product is lightweight, but it's built with an aluminum casing that keep the product from getting beat up or broken when carried along in a briefcase or computer carrying case. There are also two large volume buttons on the face of the device to allow an easy means of turning its volume up and down. The device supports multiple outputs including to stereo headsets and speakers through a hifi connection, so it's flexible enough to used in many different situations from personal music listening or broadcasting audio to a large room.

Installation of the device is as easy as plugging it into a USB device and headphones or other audio output device on the other end. There are some drivers that need to be installed the first time the DacMagic XS is plugged up, but it shouldn't take but around 10-20 for total setup. The DacMagic XS supports multiple classes of audio whether a device needs just a little sound boost or if the quality needs to be loud enough to be clearly heard across a hallway or room. The device has been recorded at a maximum output of around 176.4kHz/192kHz, so it packs some major power into such a small box. Owners of the device can easily boost the power output of the device by holding both volume buttons down at once to get to the desired sound strength. We noticed a huge difference in audio quality immediately upon setting up the device on our laptop, and it surely helps gamers and music fans get the most fun out of their computer.

Laptops are notoriously known for their poor quality audio output, but with the DacMagic XS, movie fans, gamers and music lovers don't have to suffer with less than quality sounds from their favorite devices any longer. The accessory is a life saver for those looking for the best performance out of expensive headsets and other accessories that just don't sound as good as they should on laptop and similar devices. The DacMagic XS works its magic via USB and quickly turns PC and Mac computers into great choices for listening to music or performing other audio related activities at home or on the go. The product features a great design that is lightweight and easy to carry around but flexible enough to be used at home if owners so choose. The product doesn't come cheap, but it's an investment that is worth the purchase price for most users, and fans can try the device in their own home, risk-free for 30 days by visiting the official DacMagic XS website today!

DacMagic XS is now available from most major retailers and can be purchased for $199.99. For more information on the device, check out the official DacMagic XS website.

Product Features:
  • Aluminum Case with Smooth Finish
  • Comes with Cloth Carrying Case and Cables
  • Measures 2.1 x 1.2 x 0.4 Inches
  • Weighs Less than 1 Pound
  • Supports Multiple Inputs and Outputs

Product Information:
Distributed by Cambridge Audio
Compatible with PC, Mac and similar devices Release Date: October 16, 2013

Score: 8 out of 10
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