Soccer Rally 2 Revs Up on iTunes and Google Play Stores

What do you get when you mix rally racing and soccer? Developer IceFlame asked that question and responded with the release of the Soccer Rally series for mobile. Today, the company announced the launch of Soccer Rally 2 for free on iOS and Android with a host of new features for the series including a brand new single player campaign, new customization options featuring over 200 car decals and a variety of different balls and sporting events that includes baseball, hockey and even the title soccer ball. Players can check out Soccer Rally 2 for free starting today on iTunes and Google Play.

From the official press release:
Soccer Rally 2 features an extensive single-player campaign, in which players can hone their skills against increasingly clever AI opponents. Be sure to practice up; both driving skills and soccer techniques are crucial to compete in the epic mano-a-mano multiplayer match-ups. The game is optimized for tablets, and excels in local party play. Multiplayer users can also spice up their games with a variety ball pack which offers options including a baseball, a bowling ball or basketball, and even a hockey puck for arcade-style air hockey fun.

Backed by a robust racing engine, Soccer Rally 2 provides a realistic driving experience… well, realistic for those who enjoy joyriding around soccer fields! Each of the nine cars features different acceleration, braking and handling, to mix up the gameplay experience. Players can fully personalize their vehicles with 30 vibrant colors and over 200 decals applied in nine layers, for a custom hotrod that reflects their personality. Once perfected, modders can show off their crazy creation to their friends on Facebook and Twitter, directly from the game.

Soccer Rally 2 is now available free-to-play on iOS and Android. Soccer Rally 2 has been rated appropriate for ages 4+. For more information on the game, check out the official Soccer Rally 2 website.

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