Wewana:Play Adds Follow Pages Feature for Live Streamers

Wewana:Play is a popular app used by live streamers of gaming content on YouTube and Twitch, and the service has gotten even better with the new release of "Follow Pages" that allow users to help build an audience, schedule stream starting times to share with fans and much more. Read on to learn more.

CEO, Deepak Pathak explained: "Our app is already helping gamers play more often together by making it super easy to connect with friends. They simply join, connect with friends and then create events, simple, yet very effective perhaps because we are uniquely smartphone based. But it was with a focus group of Live Streamers last year, that we invented what is now known as ‘Follow Pages’. To be honest, they practically begged us to make them!"

"You see Live Streamers make money when people watch their streams. Miss it and they miss a large proportion of their revenue. The way they promote their streams currently is via social media, where the message is lost in a deluge of other information, or via Twitch which has it’s own issues as you are competing with other streamers they may currently be watching. Not great for streamers who are trying to grow a real audience. They were also worried about maintaining their followers whilst competing constantly with other streamers who were on at the same time as them, something which often dictated whether they even streamed at all."

"‘Follow pages’ help solve this issue by creating a unique connection with the gaming audience. By having a ‘Follow Page’ within our Wewana:Play app, you can invite your audience to follow you. Once they follow you, they will receive a notification on their phone, whenever you plan to stream. So if you plan to stream in 6 hours time for example, you can set up an event on your ‘Follow Page’ now, your audience will all be notified instantly and then even be reminded before the event, meaning you have an audience waiting for you before you even stream and you will make more money! A true case of the community really helping to define the features they need within our app and we still have so many additional features to add to the pages to including discussion boards and the ability to award prizes to followers."

For more information on the app, check out the official Wewana:Play app website.

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