Ecko Burning (Book Review)

Ecko Burning is the second release in a new series of novels from author Danie Ware. The new story follows the aftermath of Ecko Rising where readers find the group of heroes separated, but alive, for the time being. The Bard has been lost from the group, while Ecko and the remaining members set out to find new weapons to use in a fight to save the realm from a tyrannical rule. Danie Ware has created an amazing world for her characters that truly envelops the fantasy genre while also adding in enough elements to allow the story to fit within the science fiction genre as well. Ultimately, fans will enjoy Ecko Burning just as much or more as the original, though it's definitely recommended that readers go back through the first book to better understand the new storyline.

Ecko Burning manages to be a unique title without being gimmicky. The story delves in both fantasy and science fiction settings with the title character Ecko traveling back in time into another world from his home in a futuristic London. The character continues pushing the science fiction part of the narrative forward, while magical warriors from the new world make up the other part of the story. There are some stereotypical characters in Ecko Burning including a ruler that wants nothing more than to spread the reach of his power and a scribe that is full of useful information to help the story's heroes find their way, but there are enough creative ideas spread across the new title to easily separate Ecko Burning from other fantasy titles.

Ecko Burning does a great job of pacing its narrative and giving readers reasons to continue reading after nearly each chapter is complete. The story is especially compelling when reading to learn the fate of the Bard, who eventually finds himself faced with a nearly impossible choice to make. Readers will also be compelled to continue reading to learn the fate of the other heroes fans have read about since the first book in the series. The journey through an ancient city is one that will stick with readers long after they've put down the book, and it could no doubt help make the series a great set of movies in the future.

Ecko Burning is another great release in the series from author Danie Ware. The title is really interesting and possibly better than the original with a great storyline focused around the Bard and a grand adventure awaiting the heroes in the ruins of a long forgotten city. The book manages to squeeze science fiction, fantasy and even time travel into the new storyline to make it a fun read for fans of different types of genres. Some of the ideas in the book seem inspired from other sources, but the end result is still a book that reads very well and remains one of the best new books to pick up and read. Check out Ecko Burning from Titan Books!

Ecko Burning is now available from most major retailers and Titan Books and can be purchased for $14.95. For more information on Ecko Burning, check it out on the official Titan Books website.

Book Features:
  • Publisher: Titan Books
  • Author: Danie Ware
  • Release Date: June 3, 2014
  • Softcover
  • 424 Pages

Score: 9 out of 10
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