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Event Wrap-Up: Gaming and Cosplay At Alabama Phoenix Festival 2014

The Alabama Phoenix Festival brought fans from around the country to the Sheraton Birmingham Hotel in Birmingham, Alabama for the weekend of May 30 through June 1 weekend. The event featured tons of guests from films, comics, games and other direct lines to geek culture. The Alabama Phoenix Festival is one of the most laid back conventions fans will ever attend. The event location isn't too crowded, and fans actually get a chance to sit and talk with the guests instead of being hurried along to make time for the next hundred attendees to have a chance to meet the celebrity. While the event may not have the same big name celebrities as some other conventions, there is definitely something to be said about a show that gives you more entertainment value for your money, and Alabama Phoenix Festival 2014 was a blast!

Alabama Phoenix Festival 2014 featured some well known guests that fans would definitely be interested in meeting. The biggest name on the list would have to be artist Dan Schoening, who has had an amazing career spending time working for Disney, Pixar, Leap Frog, DC Comics, Random House and others, and he's currently the pencil artist for the IDW Ghostbusters series. Another big time guest at the event was the film studio of Timid Monster, which includes filmmakers Dan Baker, Katie Baker and Rachel M. Taylor. The group attended the event, in large part, to help promote their upcoming film Aurora Centauri. The event featured almost 50 other special guests as well including the music of the awesome band Radio Cult, so there were plenty of guests for attendees to meet at the show to be sure.

There were lots of other things happening around Alabama Phoenix Festival 2014 as well. Plenty of vendors showed up to offer fans a chance to purchase shirts, custom art and other amazing souvenirs to prove they had a good time at the convention. There were also plenty of events staged during the convention that included costume contests, panels, a concert from Radio Cult, a Millennium Falcon display, a demo for the upcoming virtual reality inducing Oculus Rift and much more. No matter what geeky obsessions attendees had, Alabama Phoenix Festival 2014 had something to satisfy them all.

BioGamer Girl staff members headed to the event to enjoy some good cosplay fun and maybe even try out some new video games live from the show. GameStop had a sponsored booth at the show where fans could enjoy some next generation gaming, which was a lot of fun, and there were plenty of great costumes on display throughout the show including the electric costume contest on Saturday. If you happened to miss this fun event, you can always head to Alabama Phoenix Festival 2015, as the yearly event should return to Birmingham next Summer. BioGamer Girl will be there, and we hope to see you there as well!

For more information on the event, check out the official Alabama Phoenix Festival 2014 website. Readers can also visit BioGamer Girl's official Facebook page to see all of our photos from this year's Alabama Phoenix Festival!

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