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GOG.com's Insomnia Sale Offers Plenty of Indie Games with Up to 90% Savings

GOG.com has announced the start of an all new Insomnia Sale. The sale will place 100s of titles with savings of up to 90% off and include titles such as Divinity: Dragon Commander, Papers Please, Commander Imperial Edition and Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail. The sale begins today, so fans should check out the deals as soon as possible and read on for more information on GOG.com's Insomnia Sale.

GOG.com has launched the ultimate trans time-zone deal again: the Spring Insomnia Sale is upon us! Gamers from all continents will get a chance to get celebrated titles at up to 90% off discounts--and free games in very limited numbers as well. Starting on Monday 12 May at 2:00 PM GMT and running until GOG.com is out of stock, this promo has plenty deals worth staying up for. The rules: games will be on sale only one at a time in limited numbers of copies. When the stock of one game--marked on the promo page with a counter--runs out, another game is up.

Last year, the event garnered quite a response from various gaming communities with GOG.com's own forums calling it "a grueling, nightmarish experience with free games (available for picoseconds) and widespread forum psychosis" all the while asking for more, 4chan's finest trying to find The Pattern for what game goes up next, and RPGCodex racing the rest of the 'Net to snatch up all the cRPG's.

Titles that will be available at some time during the sale will include the new and old PC and Mac favorites like the naughty point-and-click adventure Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sale, the award-winning exercise in totalitarianism Papers Please, and the genre-bending RTS game Divinity: Dragon Commander Imperial Edition. With critically acclaimed games from practically every genre GOG.com's Spring Insomnia Sale is an affair worth following even late at night. Say hello to sleepless nights again...

For more information on the sale, check out the official GOG.com website.
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