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Giveaway: Win A EU Server Pack For City of Steam: Arkadia

Mechanist Games has announced the launch of a brand-new EU server to reach even more EU players starting now in City of Steam: Arkadia. In celebration of the new EU server, BioGamer Girl has teamed up with Mechanist Games to give away server packs to over 200 readers. The new server will allow players to establish a brand-new character with an improved interface and much more. Start the game right with tons of great items in this new giveaway. Read on to learn how you can enter for a chance to win!

To enter, send an email to biogamergirlcontests@hotmail.com with the subject line "City of Steam: Arkadia EU Server Pack Giveaway" for a chance to win one of the 200 available server packs.

Each pack contains the following items:
  • 5x Keys - To unlock chests in the dungeons;
  • 20x Alloys - Alloys are consumed when smelting weapons;
  • 50x Metals - This resource is required to upgrade equipment;
  • 3x Level 1 Mod Box - This box contains a random level 1 Mod;
  • 5x Mechanist Pyroflare - This canister fires a small burst of energy in the shape of a toiler's face a few seconds after being lit;
  • 15x Potent Health Quaff - It restores 5,000 Health over 10 seconds;
  • 15x Potent Steam Quaff - It restores 100 Steam over 6 seconds;
  • 1x 1000 Bound Electrum Bundle - Bound Electrum can be used to purchase cosmetics, items, resources, etc in-game.

About City of Steam: Arkadia
City of Steam: Arkadia is a 3D industrial age fantasy MMORPG, the debut Unity3D-based MMO from Mechanist Games. It transports players to a world where clockworks, steam power, and arcane technologiesthe n suffuse every aspect of existence, from the half-organic, half-mechanical dwarves to the giant gears of the World Machine itself.

To learn more, visit the official City of Steam website.
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