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HappyGiant's Ninja Time Pirates Gets Tons Of New Features This 4th of July Weekend

HappyGiant has announced the release of a ton of new features for Ninja Time Pirates which includes Time Raids, Time Bases, Sniper Towers, and much more. Players can now download the game for iOS and Android devices to celebrate this 4th of July weekend! Are you ready to start your adventure? Read on to learn more.

From the Press Release
HappyGiant, a developer and publisher of videogames, is celebrating July 4th by adding several major new features to its popular Ninja Time Pirates game, including multiplayer "Time Raids", allowing friends to set up their "Time Base" and raid other players, as they jump through parallel universes. In addition, players can travel back to Colonial Boston and re-live events like "The Shot Heard Round the World", "Paul Revere's Midnight Ride" and more - all while battling aliens from another dimension.

For the first time, players traveling throughout history fighting aliens alongside George Washington, Ben Franklin, Paul Revere and others, enabling players to battle other players, set up their bases, control their Time Guardians as AI controlled defenses - all in real-time 3D. Other features include:

  • Time Raids - Battle with famous historical characters across parallel universes in multiplayer battles against friends and others!
  • Create and Defend a player's own unique Time Base
  • Defend villages with Sniper Towers, Bunkers and Time Guardians (more to come!)
  • Battle with players worldwide and earn Victory Orbs, Gold and Dark Matter
  • Move to the top of the Leaderboards to become the greatest player in this universe, or any other!
  • Challenge your friends on social networks for bragging rights.

Popular for fusing story & science into action, Nina Time Pirates is now available on Android, after initially launching on the Apple App Store and Steam Greenlight. The app has a 5.0 average rating on the App Store and was named in the "Top 10 Best Mobile Games" at PAX East by Evolve Entertainment and "Top Games to Watch at PAX EAST" by Microsoft.

Existing features:

  • Action RPG/Squad based shooter - Select your team from a number of famous historical characters, with super powers and crazy futuristic weapons. Collect and play as George Washington, Ben Franklin, Cleopatra, Erik the Red, Nostradamus, and many, many more.
  • Multiple Environments - Travel through time from Colonial New England, to Ancient Egypt, to the Viking era, to the Philadelphia Experiment, Roswell and more - all in real-time 3D.
  • Multiple Gameplay Objectives - Each Mission has different objectives to complete including capture, destruction and stealth.
  • Weapons - Unlock and purchase from a plethora of awesome weapons, including the devastating Plasma Blaster, crushing Gatlin Gun, and the savage Shurikenator. Also side arms such as "Time Bombs", "Gravitizers", "Minimizers," and an assortment of vehicles like Alien Hover Tanks, Jeeps, UFOs and more.
  • Special Powers - Each famous "Time Guardian" comes with a Special Power - Ben Franklin's "Kite'ning", or George Washington's "Cherry Bomb" or Ninja Retro's "Black Hole in One", which sucks enemies into oblivion.

To learn more, visit the official Ninja Time Pirates website.

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