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Spin-off of Scourge: Outbreak Announced With Ambush (Scourge)

A new spin-off of Scourge: Outbreak has been announced entitled Ambush (Scourge) which will feature 15 unlockable levels, six special bosses, four different weapons and much more. Read on.

AMBUSH (Scourge) is a spin-off of ‘Scourge: Outbreak’ which focuses on Echo Squad’s fight for survival before the events of the main plot. In this game, you take on the role of a member of Tarn’s infiltration squads on Nogari Island. Unlock new levels as you complete challenges and fight your way into Nogari’s secret research facilities. Not only can you count on your weapon, but also your powerful Shield and Shockwave Ambrosia abilities; use them well to beat your rivals. Face hordes of Nogari security forces and beat 6 different special ‘boss’ enemies that require all of your concentration. AMBUSH (Scourge) is a 360º ‘point & shoot’ game where reflexes and reaction speed are keys to success. Unlock every level and compete to be the best in the world on the Leaderboards, or at least show off your skills by beating your friend's scores.


  • 15 unlockable levels
  • 6 fights against special bosses
  • 4 different weapons
  • Leaderboards
  • Optional 360º vision gyroscope functionality
  • Initial availability on iOS and Android
  • No Microtransactions! Play the whole game for free!

To learn more, visit the official Ambush website.

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