Chaos Heroes Online (Video Game Preview)

Chaos Heroes Online is an upcoming MOBA title from Aeria Games and is based on the original build known as Dota: Chaos. Chaos Heroes Online no doubt has its roots in the Dota franchise, but the new title is based on the Dota: Chaos build of the game that was popularized in Korea. Fans will find some of the same great MOBA gameplay they've come to expect from Dota and Dota 2 in the new title, but there are several key features that set the game apart from others in the franchise. Only time will tell how popular Chaos Heroes Online, but the game is set to be a massive success in certain parts of the world and will likely have a huge following in the United States by the time the free-to-play game finishes its development cycle.

Chaos Heroes Online features massively online battles between two teams of rivaling heroes. The object of the game is to clear lanes and eventually completely destroy the enemy base. If a base isn't destroyed at the end of the time limit, point totals will be tallied from each team for performing tasks such as killing towers and dropping enemy players to determine a winner. This feature will feel new to some MOBA players, especially for those looking for an experience very similar to Dota 2. Another big change for Chaos Heroes Online is consumable items. The game currently includes healing potions, a repel potion that can reflect incoming attacks and a dispel potion that can instantly take away any existing enemy buffs. These items can be purchased at any time during a match and are accessible from anywhere on the map. Consumables add a new layer of strategy also not seen in many other MOBA titles.

There are two maps available to play in the current build of Chaos Heroes Online. The Ancient Forest map is larger and more akin to the traditional maps seen in other MOBA games. The map comes with a 50 minute timer, while the smaller Shrine of Life map ends matches at 20 minutes. The timers allow players to jump into a match, have fun and get out without spending a significant amount of time in a single game session. Another user friendly feature of the game is the character select screen that gives plenty of details on playable characters in the game including strengths, weaknesses, the expected primary role for the character and the difficulty of the learning curve associated with using the character in the game. Chaos Heroes Online is still a very young game, and as such, the community hasn't yet mastered the game, so there is room for newcomers to come in and enjoy playing the game with other experienced MOBA players. The game includes several tutorials to further help new players become accustomed with the Chaos Heroes Online experience and learn the ropes before jumping into online matches.

Even in the early stages of the game's development, Chaos Heroes Online already seems to be a very polished and balanced game across all modes and maps. All players may not enjoy the game over their favorite MOBA, but it's hard to deny that Chaos Heroes Online doesn't look and play great. More content will release in the near future for the game, but even with only two maps and a handful of characters to select, it's really easy to become addicted with the new release. Chaos Heroes Online may not slay the unstoppable monster that is the Dota franchise, but MOBA players will definitely want to keep their eyes on the development and progression of this upcoming free-to-play contender.

Chaos Heroes Online is now available for PC in closed beta. Chaos Heroes Online is not yet rated. For more information on the game, check out the official Chaos Heroes Online website.

Game Features:
  • Online Multiplayer 1-10
  • MOBA Themed Combat with Consumable Items
  • Tutorials for Beginning Players
  • Free-to-Play
  • Founder Packs Available for Purchase

Game Information:
Developer & Publisher: Aeria Games
Available exclusively for PC (previewed)
Release Date: TBA

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