ARCTIC P614 BT (Bluetooth Headphones Review)

Arctic has announced the release of their latest product with the Arctic P614 BT Headphones. Music lovers looking for a great new way to listen to their favorite tunes will discover that the release of the Arctic P614 BT delivers everything they could possibly want out of a Bluetooth headphone set. Read on to learn more.

ARCTIC P614 BT offers users a new experience with the tone of a greater fidelity with a headset that features improved neodymium drivers to deliver the best quality in sound. The ARCTIC P614 BT contains the best in technology with its high-end Bluetooth chipset that produces crisp sound for an overall enjoyable music experience.

The best part of the ARCTIC P614 BT besides its high quality design and great performance is the fact that it is wireless and offers over 30 hours of enjoyment with its rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery. The new product also gives users the opportunity to take incoming calls with its built-in microphone which will automatically pause any music you are listening to when receiving calls. Once your battery has become depleted from use charging your ARCTIC P614 BT is simple through the use of the micro USB.

To connect your devices to the ARCTIC P614 BT only requires a simple tap utilizing the NFC pairing and you are ready to listen to your favorite tunes. Users will enjoy countless hours of entertainment with the ARCTIC P614 BT thanks to its comfortable ear cushions that are not only soft to the touch but fit perfectly over the head for any individual.

In the end, the ARCTIC P614 BT is a great new product that will make the perfect gift for any music lover this holiday season. Music fans can get the ARCTIC P614 BT for $42.99 instead of $89.99 exclusively on Amazon during the product's launch for a limited time. To learn more, visit the official ARCTIC P614 BT website.

Score: 9.5 out of 10

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