Lords of the Fallen (Video Game Review)

Bandai Namco Games has announced the release of their latest title for consoles and PC with Lords of the Fallen developed by CI Games. The action-packed adventure story of Lords of the Fallen has players taking on the role of Harkyn in this dark role playing game. Harkyn has lived a life of sin and crime and all of this is visible upon the ruins that mark his worn, leather-like skin. Are you ready to delve into this new adventure and help Harkyn redeem is corrupted soul? Read on.

Lords of the Fallen takes place in a medieval fantasy world that is solely ruled by one god who has fallen from his former graces. As Harkyn, you will try to push back the fierce demonic army of the mighty Lords and Generals, in an adventure that is very similar to that of the Dark Souls franchise. The game features a very complex combat system that requires gamers to utilize their skills to master various weapons throughout the game alongside a large array of supernatural abilities.

The striking visuals and mood-setting soundtrack really adds to the great story in Lords of the Fallen. Players will notice upon starting up the game that the game's cinematics are incredible with life-like characters and environments. Before starting your quest, gamers are asked to choose their Magic Type and their Equipment. There are several different magic types to choose from which includes Solace (Prayer, Shelter, Daze, Punishment), Brawling (Prayer, Rage, Quake, Ram) and Deception (Prayer, Shift, Stab, Mimic). The various selections will impact gameplay such as choosing the Deception type will allow players to deceive enemies and injure them beyond recovery while Brawling aims to overwhelm your opponents with pure force and mighty spells. Next up you have you equipment choices which includes the set of a Cleric (Medium Armor, Hammer, Kite Shield), Warrior (Heavy Armor, Steel Sword, Kite Shield) and Rogue (Light Armor, Dagger, Buckler). Once you have made all of your selections then you can view the "Summary" segment to get a rundown of your character's abilities that includes attributes, gear and extras. The only thing left to do now is to start your adventure!

The game starts out with Harkyn yelling his vow of Defiance towards the Fallen God who now rules the land. Harkyn's journey involves taking on the Rhogar invasion with his jailer Kaslo. As the last humans to survive the journey, it is now up to you to continue the quest to find the leader of the humans, Antanas, while facing off against hordes of demonic forces. Upon reaching the Monastery, you will be tasked with fighting your first Rhogar, and must quickly learn to focus your abilities before battle with a quick tutorial. The first enemy in the game is fairly easy, but as you progress, opponents will become more difficult and challenging. Lords of the Fallen like any RPG will have gamers having to locate objects like keys and other items to complete quests and objectives. For example, one of your first objectives in Lords of the Fallen is to find the Giant Key to open the locked door blocking your path. In order to find the key, players will have to make their way through a maze-like labyrinth, where they will find a variety of useful items like audio notes, secret doorways, trinkets, and energy shards.

Solving complex puzzles and gathering items will help you in your journey with the first boss challenging everything you have learned so far in the game. The First Warden proves to be a lot harder than the enemies you have encountered so far in the game, and players may even die upon their first try of trying to defeat him until they master the controls of the game. But don't worry--there is an achievement for dying your first go around--which makes defeat a little more bearable. There seems to be a little bit of a balance issue when its comes to enemy difficulty and combat, and the fact you can't adjust difficulty, makes the problem a little more evident as you continue through the game.

Lords of the Fallen contains around 20+ hours of gameplay with its character-driven narrative and well-written story with the ability to unlock more content with New Game+ upon beating the game. The New Game+ option allows for additional playthroughs offering up a ton of replay value for Lords of the Fallen. The ability to upgrade your hero with fun weapons and items really creates a system that is centered around loot much like that of games like Diablo.

In the end, Lords of the Fallen is a great game that blends hack-and-slash fun mixed with RPG elements and arcade-like action for an overall enjoyable experience. The title does suffer from balance issues which has a direct impact on the gameplay satisfaction, but alternatively, Lords of the Fallen is entertaining and well worth the price. Lords of the Fallen is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. For more information on the game, check out the official Lords of the website.

Game Features:
  • Single Player
  • Action-Packed RPG
  • Striking Visuals
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Tropy/Achievement Support

Game Information:
Developer: CI Games
Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
Available for Xbox One (reviewed), PS4 and PC
Release Date: October 28, 2014
Score: 8.5 out of 10

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