New Mobile-Based Gaming Platform Announced With Lyteshot

A new mobile-based gaming platform has just been announced with Lyteshot. Gamers looking for a brand-new experience that will merge the real and digital worlds like never before will want to check out everything that Lyteshot has to offer. Read on.

Lyteshot is ideal for gamers looking for the next game-changer (literally). It digitally connects multi-player mobile gaming via the cloud with live action role-playing and outdoor shooters in real-world locations. Lyteshot is open source, allowing developers to flex their creative muscles and begin to create their own games in all sorts of genres, whether that be action, adventure, fantasy, or anything else. And with the Lyteshot app, players can link up with others from around the block or around the world to compare stats and compete.

To learn more, visit the official Lyteshot website.
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