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Sunset Overdrive: Weapons Pack Game Add-on #1 (DLC Review)

Insomniac Games and Microsoft have released brand new content for Sunset Overdrive with the new Weapons Pack Game Add-on#1. The weapons pack is guaranteed to add even more excitement to the game since it adds a slew of new weapons to your arsenal. Read on to learn more.

The new add-on pack for Sunset Overdrive adds four brand-new weapons to take down hordes of OD with that includes the Plague Bomb, Rager, Shield Buddy and Multi-Lock Rocket Launcher. Gamers who have encountered the countless numbers of OD within Sunset Overdrive know that they need every weapon they can get and the new release definitely changes up the game.

The Plague Bomb is incredibly fun since it can instantly intoxicate the OD which makes them start vomiting and slowly taking damage until they explode! Just like a plague, the Plague Bomb can spread throughout the OD population and take out other enemies as well. The next weapon in the pack is the Rager which causes the OD to become enraged and attack each other until the explode. Yes, there is a lot of exploding here! Of course, these are all great offensive weapons but what about defending yourself against these enraged monsters? Well that is when you bust out the Shield Buddy which not only produces a shied to protect you and your friends but also deploys bombs that will blow those pesky OD to kingdom come! Lastly, we have the Multi-Lock Rocket Launcher which is our favorite weapon of all! This massive beauty will lock in eight OD at a time and then blow them away with some sweet homing rockets!

The new Weapons Pack Game Add-on #1 pack is now available for $4.99 or as part of the season pass for $19.99. The Season Pass for Sunset Overdrive is a complete steal and offers players a ton of content that includes eight new weapons, four traps in Chaos Squad, four new amps, and 10 unique outfits. Sunset Overdrive will also see the release of two new campaign add-ons and the Weapons Pack Game Add-on #2 in the coming months.

In the end, the release of the Weapons Pack Game Add-on #1 pack for Sunset Overdrive has increased not only the game’s replayability factor but changes the strategic methods you use during gameplay. If you are looking for brand-new ways to increase the fun and entertainment of Sunset Overdrive then make sure to download the new Weapons Pack Game Add-on #1 pack today! To learn more, visit the official Sunset Overdrive website.

Score: 9 out of 10

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