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The Witcher Adventure Game (Video Game Review)

The Witcher Adventure Game brings the popular tabletop game to tablets and other digital platforms to give players more adventures in the dark fantasy world starring Geralt of Rivia. The game is faithful to the tabletop RPG and will have players flipping cards and rolling dice rather than swinging swords, casting spells and setting traps. The Witcher Adventure Game offers fans that have yet to experience the board game a great new way to enjoy the game with AI opponents or other players online, though a few presentation issues keep the game from ever being super exciting when friends are not around to enjoy the game with.

The Witcher Adventure Game will begin with a somewhat detailed tutorial experience for most players. The new game does a good job of providing a fun digital release that packs the same exciting gameplay of the board game of the same name, and the title provides good details on how to play and how to play the game on specific platforms. Though the basic rules of the game are explained well, the differences between the game's four playable heroes are rushed over and not thoroughly described so that players can choose a character that fits their playstyle until their unique traits are discovered through playing the game.

At the start of a game, players will choose from a set of missions with the objective being the main objective of that particular match. The game progresses by players rolling dice and choosing modifiers that can boost dice rolls in battles. Players can also choose to investigate areas for hidden unlockables, bonuses or additional combat scenarios. The game is easy to understand, which makes it a fun party game with friends, but there is a bit of depth of strategy in gameplay that will allow experienced players to hold an advantage over players that have not spent as much time with the game.

Some heavy RPG elements exist in The Witcher Adventure Game. Players essentially choose from a balanced warrior, tank warrior, spellcaster or rogue as playable characters in Geralt, Yarpen, Triss and Dandelion respectively. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, and additionally, players can earn additional statistical boosts that gives boosts to dice rolls, defense or other traits for the duration of the match. Players can also find items and different locations in each new game.

The Witcher Adventure Game is playable for up to four players. The game is fully accessible offline or online for up to four players. Matches can be set up with AI players to fill any open player slots in a match. AI characters are not supremely intelligent and are only really challenging for players that have not spent much time with the game. There is a great deal of luck associated with The Witcher Adventure Game, as with many other board games, and over 250 cards and 30 different monsters make each game feel different and adds a ton of replay value.

The Witcher Adventure Game has strong user interface across multiple platforms. The game is simple to control on iPad and Android devices with touch screen controls, but the game is equally enjoyable on PC. The Witcher Adventure Game on Steam adds Achievements, online leaderboards and other perks that make it the best version of the game available. The game doesn't look stunning, and some boring and non-interactive environments can make waiting through lengthy AI turns a pain.

Ultimately, The Witcher Adventure Game is a fun, digital board game that can be enjoyed with up to three friends. The title is a faithful recreation of the original board game, and a solid presentation makes it worth trying for fans of the Witcher series and fans of tabletop titles. Some issues arise from troublesome AI, and the slow pace of the board game isn't for every gamer, but the game is a solid choice for players that want to party up with friends online and enjoy a very casual experience. The Witcher Adventure Game is out now for PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

The Witcher Adventure Game is now available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. For more information on the game, check out the official The Witcher Adventure Game website.

Game Features:
  • Online Multiplayer 1-4
  • 4 Playable Characters
  • Faithfully Recreates The Witcher Adventure Game Boardgame
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Achievement Support

Game Information:
Developer & Publisher: CD Projekt Red
Platforms: PC (reviewed), Mac, iOS & Android
Release Date: November 7, 2014

Score: 6.8 out of 10
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