Magnetic: Cage Closed (Video Game Review)

Publisher Gambitious Digital Entertainment and Developer Guru Games has revealed their latest title for PC with Magnetic: Cage Closed. The game has a very unique storyline which involves the gamer taking on the role of a prisoner who is located in an ever-changing prison with realistic magnetism-fueled platforming.

When players boot up the game, they will get a glimpse at the dynamic visuals before they click "Play Game" to get started. You are transported through Facility 7 with William Keene the warden of the facility. You have two options which are cooperation or death. If you participate in the gruesome trials at hand then you will be granted your freedom, however, if you fail then you will be sentenced to an untimely despise. In Facility 7 your choices are very limited so you must obey or pay the ultimate sacrifice.

The first puzzle is rather simple, you must walk up to the door and enter it within 60 seconds or suffocate to death by inhaling a room full of harmful gas. Of course, we decide to take the route where we get to live just a little bit longer, but the eerie mood is forever set for this spine-tingling game. You are the prisoner at the hands of a corrupted warden who is using your life as nothing more than a game. Will you survive or reap an unimaginable death? Only time will tell.

Magnetic: Cage Closed
takes gamers on an exciting journey through a ever-changing prison full of creepy chambers that continuously shift into random patterns. You are a mere number to the staff at Facility 7 and known only as subject XE-47623. As a prisoner on death row, your overall life means nothing to these people, and are now just a mere lab rat for them to play with.

The controls in Magnetic: Cage Closed are responsive and easy to master which makes the exciting storyline that much better to absorb. Within a few minutes of gameplay, you will meet Karen Womberg, the prison psychologist, who gives you the basics for what you need to learn to survive. In order to make your way through these eerie labyrinths of the prison then you will need to interact with various items and puzzles to move forward.

The first room you enter is a Magnet Gun Playground Room where you can only move forward once the exit door unlocks. It is here that you receive the magnet gun which applies force to objects around you where you can push or pull them to proceed to the next room. You have the power of psychics in your hands and you must use the force correctly in order to make it through your journey alive.

The puzzles in Magnetic: Cage Closed start out simple enough, but they soon advance into complex versions that take a very creative and imaginative mind to complete. Gameplay in Magnetic: Cage Closed is exciting and refreshing and will definitely keep hardcore puzzle lovers entertained for hours on end. The soundtrack and graphics are top notch for this physics based platformer. However, be forewarned, that if you do not like challenging puzzles that can cause your brain to ache at times then this title may not be for you. But for those gamers who like a good challenge, Magnetic: Cage Closed will be right up your alley. To learn more, visit the official Magnetic: Cage Closed Steam page.

Score: 8.5 out of 10
Reviewed for PC
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