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Dungeon Travelers 2 (Video Game Review)

Atlus has announced the release of Dungeon Travelers 2 for the PS Vita for the low price of $39.99. Dungeon Travelers 2 marks the third title release by Atlus from developer Aquaplus. The new release is a fantastic dungeon crawler featuring more than 80 hours of gameplay, a intrinsic RPG system, and plenty of customization options for RPG fans. Read on to learn more and get ready to save the Kingdom of Romulea from mutants and monsters.

Dungeon Travelers 2 contains five main classes which consists of the Fighter, Magic User, Maid, Spieler, Scout. As you level up, then additional subclasses will be available adding a great deal of immersion and engagement to Dungeon Travelers 2's gameplay.

Dungeon Travelers 2 opens up with a fantastic animation sequence before allowing players to start a new game. Players can grow their party to five members but this will take at least a couple of hours. Some of the playable characters available are Alisia (fighter), Melvy (magic user), Lilian (Spieler), Conette (maid), Monica (scout), Grishna (Berserker), Fiora (priestess), Lizerietta (doll master), Souffle (treasure hunter), Eltricia (magic user), lst (maid), Yae (samurai), Tsurara (kunoichi), Mefmera (spieler), Yuni (bard), and Irena (sage). Yes, there are a lot of characters with various abilities and skills to add to your party making Dungeon Travelers 2 a exquisite RPG adventure.

Players will be able to customize their characters through the class trees and class skills which offers a ton of variety to the title's gameplay. There is a ton to do in Dungeon Travelers 2 besides venturing through dungeons and embarking on quests from the Quest Desk to earn extra items and money. A big part of Dungeon Travelers 2 is strategy and having the right party and skills equipped for various battles. It is very important to activate buffs, level up and have the correct party members before taking own each boss battle. Other important aspects of good strategy involves equipping the right attack range (short, mid or long), magic accuracy, status ailments, joint attacks and motivation. In order to proceed successfully throughout the various dungeons, players will need to know how to strategically plan for the dangers ahead and equip the right characters, items and so forth.

Dungeon Travelers 2
isn't the most visually appealing title to grace the screens of the PS Vita but it does offer enough variety and fun to keep you coming back for more. The game gives you everything at your disposal to make the title as enjoyable as possible such as 99 save slots, detailed maps, and food shops to help make the battles ahead just a tad bit easier. However, it is up to the player to keep their inventory and party members in top shape because the title can get fairly difficult as time goes on.

Dungeon Travelers 2 has been designed for fans of old-school dungeon crawlers where you enter with up to five party members, seal monsters and gather loot. The voice acting in the game is spot on and the controls are pretty responsive throughout the entire game. The various dungeons and characters in the title make sure to offer up a lot of variety in gameplay alongside keeping it fresh and entertaining. If you have been looking for an old-school dungeon crawler with over 80 hours of story driven gameplay then look no further than Dungeon Travelers 2.

Score: 8 out of 10
Reviewed for PS Vita
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