Exclusive Interview: Pandie Suicide Discusses Her Latest Film Massacre

On the 17th, Pandie Suicide premieres her latest film, Massacre, in Hollywood. We caught up with the amiable model and actress as she anxiously awaits the big unveiling!

BGG AFTER DARK: Journalist. Writer. Director. Actress. Model. Go girl power! You clearly don’t want to be pigeonholed for one profession – is that correct in saying?

PANDIE SUICIDE: Thank you! It's not so much about being pigeonholed in one profession or not, it's just more that I have so many things I want to do. I have an inherent need to create and to work, and so that's just what I do, whether it be acting, writing, producing, modeling, or something else!

BGG AFTER DARK: In a nutshell, can you sum up how end up in front of the camera?

PANDIE SUICIDE: You know I actually got in front of the camera for the first time as a child. I remember modeling for a photoshoot or too, but it wasn't something my parents really had me pursue seriously, and I followed other more academic and creative pursuits instead at that point. I started writing and playing music at a very young age also, and performing plays with the neighbourhood kids for our families. There was always this creative, and somewhat performance-oriented instinct inside me I think!

BGG AFTER DARK: You began modeling but was acting always the goal?

PANDIE SUICIDE: I'm not sure if acting was always the goal when I started modeling, in fact I'm not even sure modeling was really the goal! I just followed my creative interests and that's what happened! As I began acting more and more I developed a deep passion for it and it definitely became more of the goal!

BGG AFTER DARK: Was it a seamless transition?

PANDIE SUICIDE: I still do a bit of both. In fact I still do a bit of everything, and I don't know if that will ever stop. One thing I do think was a bit like a crossover for me, was doing music videos, they are kind of like the place where modeling and acting can intersect quite well.

BGG AFTER DARK: Highlight of all these film, Tv and music video roles?

PANDIE SUICIDE: All of them have been quite amazing, I'm very lucky, but one video I did feel very privileged to work on was for David Lynch's 'Crazy Clown Time' that was something special! I also recently did a little TV thing where I had a whole bucket of blood dumped on me - that's a bit of a dream come true for me, I love being covered in blood! Some other music videos that were great to work on were Aerosmith's 'What Could Have Been Love', Pantera's 'Piss', and more recently Ghost's video for 'Cirice', as I am a fan of all three of those bands!

BGG AFTER DARK: How would you describe the new film you’ve written and directed, Massacre?

PANDIE SUICIDE: Massacre is the story of a girl of a girl who wakes up at the site of a bloody mass murder and can't remember anything that happened. Just imagine, waking up and finding everyone else is dead! I play the girl, named Marianne, and also wrote and produced the film.It was directed by Erik Boccio who is a really talented director who is very prolific on funnyordie.com under the moniker 'weirdfellas' and also directed the western comedy short 'The West Files' which will be premiering with Massacre next week at our Los Angeles red carpet premiere on Thursday 17 September at Busby's East.

BGG AFTER DARK: You’ve gone blonde for it! Did that make you feel different? Feel like another person?

PANDIE SUICIDE: Yes! It was like a total transformation, as if I was really becoming the character in every facet. I put on this blonde bob wig for it and at the end if the shoot I almost didn’t want to take it off it started to feel so ingrained in my identity, like I really was a blonde! It gave me a new appreciation for method acting ha. My character Marianne also isn’t tattooed and dresses very colourfully, which is in quite a contrast from my everyday look of all black everything and multiple tattoos so I think getting inside this whole other look, dressing up as this character really helped me feel as if I was this person, which could be a good thing, or a bad thing, I don’t know but either way it was interesting! My co-star Billy Morrison who is a guitar player for Billy Idol and really looks the part of a rockstar in real life also went through quite a looks transformation for his part as ‘The Paramedic’, so much so that three of the other cast members who have known him for years - one even toured in a band with him - walked straight past him on set without recognizing him! Now that’s getting into character.

BGG AFTER DARK: In the last month or so, there seems to be a lot of heat and attention around you! Your name is in a lot of places. Do you feel that this is the year where your career went up another level?

PANDIE SUICIDE: I would like to think so! Every year I’m working hard on doing the best I can with everything I’m doing so to hear it seems there’s some people talking about that is certainly an added bonus. Though I’d still be doing what I’m doing even if that wasn’t the case. I just really love what I do and am grateful to be doing it, even if it’s a lot of work and is not always easy, it’s 1000% worth it for me and I am very excited for the next things I have to tackle this year and the next!

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