Leo's Fortune HD Edition (Video Game Review)

1337 & Senri and Tilting Point have released Leo's Fortune - HD Edition for PC, PS4 and Xbox One for $6.99. Leo's Fortune is a side-scrolling platformer featuring a mustached furball that goes by the name of Leopold. Our character has found that his wealth has been stolen and it is up to you to reclaim his treasure.

Leo's Fortune starts out with a dramatic, curtained entrance with Leopold the Golden who has lost his fortune. He finds that his treasure has been dropped throughout the woods like breadcrumbs, and he ventures out to reclaim everything he has lost. The game looks absolutely stunning on Xbox One with its realistic visuals and mood setting soundtrack creating the perfect ambiance for the adventure.

Gameplay in Leo's Fortune consists of making your way through enormous obstacles while solving cleverly designed physics-based puzzles. The game mechanics in the title are ingenious and can be quickly mastered by all levels of experienced puzzle solvers. The player must navigate the fuzzy character ever precisely through tons of deadly traps in order to find the culprit and reclaim Leo’s treasure. Leopold will make his way across dangerous landscapes and encounter some very menacing members of his family who are all possible culprits.

Gamers will find that controlling Leopold is very fun since he can gracefully move across the levels and can expand his size to almost fly past hazards or to stop him from falling into traps. The voice-acting in this mystery adventure is simply superb and really makes the title a blast to play. Leo’s Fortune has 24 richly detailed, handcrafted levels that all have their own unique touch that keeps the game entertaining and fresh. Every stage in Leo's Fortune is one gigantic panoramic image and doesn't feature the repetition of tiles like most puzzle games of this nature. Leo's Fortune has a wide array of characters and culprits which consists of Cousin Victor, Aunt Olga, and Uncle Sergej to name a few. Leopold suspects that the person who stole his fortune could easily be one of his own family members. In between levels, players are introduced to dramatic animations voiced by Leopold that further expands on the storyline and gives subtle hints of who the real culprit could be.

As you progress through the different levels of Leo's Fortune, the puzzles become harder and more dramatic adding an intriguing level of depth and immersion to the title. The game isn't simply about navigating treacherous levels to reclaim the characters gold piece by piece but is also about the mysterious plot of discovering who has betrayed our beloved character. After each level, players are scored by the amount of gold they collected, how many fatalities they had and how long it took them to complete the stage. Based on this, players are rewarded with gold stars that impact their ranking on the leaderboards.

As you finish chapters and make progress throughout the story, players will get the opportunity to explore detailed and lush environments that consists of pirate ships, underground caverns and many more. The level design has been done in such a way that the title never feels repetitive throughout the entire adventure.

Leo’s Fortune – HD Edition features a new game engine that has been built from scratch alongside remastered 1080p HD visuals for consoles and full support for gamepads. The new release is definitely a beautiful masterpiece that has combined great visuals, fantastic voice acting and an immersive storyline that keeps players intrigued until the very end.

In the end, Leo's Fortune - HD Edition is a fantastic title that is definitely worth exploring on Xbox One and has something that everyone can enjoy. The new release features colorful designs and a great soundtrack that keeps you immersed throughout the whole adventure and Leopold's character has been designed to perfection.

Score: 9 out of 10
Reviewed for Xbox One
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