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Rebel Galaxy (Video Game Review)

Rebel Galaxy is one of those complex titles that can take some time to learn, but once you do you will find yourself playing more and more. It’s a strange combination of a space adventure and action packed combat title which amazingly takes the gameplay to an entirely new level of fun.

Since the game world is so large then it is impossible to explore it all at first, but we quickly found that trading is a much better way to be successful, mainly because it brings in front a seamless way to get new ships. On top of that, exploration is dangerous because you can find quite a lot of space pirates and that alone is more than scary especially if your ship is a standard one and you didn’t invest in it that much at first. Trading to pay for upgrades can indeed bring in plenty of defense abilities as well as strange weapons that you will surely enjoy all the time.

The game world in Rebel Galaxy is nicely designed and exploring it manages to always deliver something new and exciting with each playthrough, that’s how cool and exciting the game world can actually be. On top of that, the combination of multiple ways to play is so fun that you will rarely be disappointed, although I did find the ship to move very slow and there were some visual issues and bugs, however as a whole the game presents itself in a more than decent and playable condition.

Rebel Galaxy challenges players to try out many different tactical strategies and investing time in this is extremely important to gameplay. However, negotiation and diplomacy are also a key component since the game does offer you the ability to get new allies if you use diplomacy properly. The most interesting thing we found when it comes to Rebel Galaxy is the ability to just take your ship and peruse space as you see fit. I found this more relaxing and fun than the X series, which does say a lot since this is an indie game. At the same time, graphics are very good and what matters the most here is that the entire world is designed to seem very realistic, so you will always be impressed with the locations you visit and the stuff you check out.

Missions are repetitive, which might be a problem for some, but if you like open worlds and the space as a whole, then this can be an amazing playground for you, that’s for sure. Rebel Galaxy brings in front a lot of potential especially when it comes to the combat which is nicely designed and properly implemented, but at the same time the story is quite good so you can’t complain about that. There are a few issues here and there, but overall the title does manage to deliver some amazing gameplay mechanics.

In the end, Rebel Galaxy is a fun title that delivers a very unique gameplay experience. If you are on the fence about it then just give it a try, it’s a great purchase especially if you love space themed games or the sci-fi notion as a whole. To learn more, visit the official Rebel Galaxy website.

Score: 7.5 out of 10
Reviewed for PC

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