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The Sims 4 - Get Together (Video Game Review)

Sim fans can get ready to get together in the latest expansion from Electronic Arts. In Sims 4 - Get Together players will find interesting new ways to get together through clubs, dancing, DJing and much more. Time to get this party started!

Sims 4 - Get Together
brings a ton of new content with hundreds of items that includes clothing, hairstyles, wallpapers, interactive objects, doors and the list goes on and on. After the release of the Get to Work expansion--it is a natural fit to have an entire DLC theme modeled around letting your hair down and having fun with friends.

I have always been fascinated with the Sims games, and I played my first one right after having my daughter Alissa. Of course, naturally my daughter grew to love the series as soon as she was old enough to hold a mouse. BioGamer Girl was founded on utilizing gaming to bring and keep my family together by doing something we all love. There are few titles out there that have grew and evolved like the Sims franchise and still manage to keep players coming back time and time again with fresh new content.

You can watch my daughter aka NinjaKitty play Sims 4 - Get Together in her "Dance Like A Spookstar" video.

One of the first things you will notice is the addition of a beautiful new world - Windenburg. The exquisitely designed new world has seven neighborhoods with their own unique elegance and style. The architecture has a modern appeal and a ton of variety with properties that range from a fun downtown to exotic islands. There is also a beautiful countryside for those who want to relax in a more rural area. Windenburg is a great new world that players will love to explore and get together in and has enough content that you won't regret leaving your old one behind.

Now once you try out the new Create A Sim (CAS) and test out all the items in build mode then you will want to hit up the clubs in Get Together. Clubs are basically a way for you to get together with other Sims that have the same likes, personality and habits. Clubs allow you to decide what you want your Sims to do and not to do while in gatherings - such as maybe you approve of everyone fighting but not reading. You can also choose what type of Sim can join your club based on their values and traits. Time spent with your clubs completing activities can give your Sim points which can be used to unlock unique items and upgrade their club in the game. The club feature also allows players to instantly start and end gatherings and transports all of the members to one location with the click of the mouse. When you have all of your club members in one place then there are also a lot of interactive objects that can be used together with other Sims. The addition of clubs is a really neat aspect of Get Together and is something fans have been wanting to see in the series for awhile.

Of course with clubs comes the addition of new traits such as dancing and DJing. While basic dancing was available in the game - the new expansion allows for more customization and way better moves. What would a Get Together be like without a little fun on the dance floor? Your Sims can now participate in epic dance battles while syncing up with other club members on the dance floor to really show off those impressive moves and skills like never before. And the fun doesn't stop there! Your Sims can now create their own mixes, customize their DJ station and hype up the crowd with some powerful new beats. DJing is a ton of fun and really adds an entirely new level of immersion to Sims 4.

Humans are social creatures by nature and yet again the Sims franchise has managed to perfectly capture the essence of human characteristics with Sims 4 - Get Together. Your Sim will never again be lonely with the addition of Get Together and you will always find something new and interesting to do in the world of Windenburg. With all of the variety and new content, Sims 4 - Get Together is a great new addition to the series and is well worth the $39.99 price tag. To learn more, visit the official Sims 4 website.

Score: 9 out of 10
Reviewed for PC

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