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Exclusive Interview: Tiffany Brouwer Discusses The Horde

The Horde, now available on VOD, is a big step forward in the career of one Tiffany Brouwer.

Likely to do for her career what Die Hard did for Bonnie Bedelia’s, it’s a tough damsel-in-distress role like no other (in that she’s no distressed damsel!) for the versatile actress.

BioGamer Girl: Can you think of a better word to describe this movie than ‘fierce’?

TIFFANY BROUWER: A better word to describe our film The Horde besides fierce would be gruesome. There is some parts I actually turned my eyes away from at the screening.

BGG: Such a good way to describe Paul Logan too, don’t you agree? 

TB: Paul in the Horde is fierce and relentless. He’s on a mission and won’t stop until he saves his love, Selina, that’s me. (laughter)

BGG: Had you met or worked with Paul before?

TB: This was my first time working with Paul and he was nothing but professional and fun to work with, we shared lots of laughs.

BGG: Do you have a feeling this movie might open doors for him?

I definitely believe this film will open doors for Paul in the business. He shows great strength, talent and the camera loves him. And I’d be remiss to say it’s not going to open doors for you too! (laughter) Thank You. I do hope so.

BGG: Would you like to do more in this genre?

TB: I would love to do more of this genre. I’m really into spooky things like being pranked or scared. It’s an adrenaline rush. I may hate it at the moment but I love it after--I’m all giggles. I love Halloween and going to parks like Knotts Scary Farm to be scared. (laughter)

BGG: How has life changed since the movie was completed?

TB: Life has not much changed since The Horde. New friends and experience and now just on to the next projects but I do hope to work with the producers and production again. They were nothing but great.

BGG: What are you up to?

TB: Since The Horde, I’ve been in American Horror Story Hotel and hoping to be back this season. I also have a sci-fi film, White Space, that should release next year and a new show called Sprout as well will debut 2017. The Horde is now available on VOD.

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