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Looter Shooter 'Shattered Skies' Releases For PC Via Steam

 Free Reign Entertainment has announced that Shattered Skies is now available.

Grab a backpack, load the assault rifles and get ready to battle alien monstrosities and other players in the open world looter shooter sandbox game Shattered Skies from independent video game publisher Free Reign Entertainment. Set in a massive world that spans mountains, valleys, cities and towns, Shattered Skies allows players to access all content throughout the game by simply playing. The game is available for a single, one-time purchase with zero microtransactions, season passes or paid expansions. Players interested in battling in Shattered Skies can purchase the game at www.playshatteredskies.com or http://store.steampowered.com/app/447500/.

Shattered Skies is a hardcore, full-loot drop game that makes a user’s items available to other players upon their demise. The game also contains a bevy of features including:

  • Player vs. player (PVP) and player vs. environment (PVE) play
  • First-person and third-person play perspectives
  • A full reputation system that allows players to role-play as a good or bad guy
  • Hundreds of unique lootable weapons, consumables, fortifications and cosmetics
  • The ability to secure buildings with barricades, traps and other fortifications to keep players and aliens at bay
  • Collectable rare items for saving and trading
  • Fully customizable character cosmetics, including headwear, facewear, body, pants and shoes
  • "Shattered Skies earned praise from gamers during both closed alpha and open beta, and the community sees the game as a fresh addition to the genre by changing the way they look at open world survival shooter titles,” said Adam Skidmore, Senior Game Designer at Free Reign Entertainment. "Thanks to our experience making open world games, we’ve focused on the features that players want most and on making the game more dynamic so gamers can return to the action quickly.”

Shattered Skies is an open world looter shooter that pits users against alien monstrosities and other players in a no rules sandbox where people can choose to help others, or hunt them. After a comet crashed into the moon, its fragments rained upon a once peaceful valley surrounded by mountains and turned the world into chaos. Since that day a mysterious alien lifeform within the comet’s fragments began to thrive on Earth’s rich environment, changing the planet and bringing hellish monsters to the world. As one of the few remaining survivors, players will struggle to endure against an enemy unlike any humanity has faced before.

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