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NASCAR Heat Evolution (Video Game Review)

Dusenberry Martin Racing and Monster Games have released NASCAR Heat Evolution.

The release of NASCAR Heat Evolution marks the first officially licensed NASCAR video game to make its way to the current console generation. The new release has 23 licensed tracks from the Sprint Cup Series alongside some of the most notable drivers, cars and teams in NASCAR.

NASCAR Heat Evolutionhas a very immersive online competitive multiplayer experience that supports up to 40 drivers in each race. For gamers not interesting in playing online, the new release also features a very dynamic single-player AI that has the ability to adapt to individual performance, which can provide an authentic challenge to various player skill levels.

The 23 tracks in NASCAR Heat Evolution includes a wide variety of environments that takes place from the hills of Sonoma all the way to Martinsville. The game features a new AI system and lighting model that tries to immerse players into a more realistic racing experience through well-known places like Talladega or Charlotte. However, you have to spend some time in the game before you unlock enough points to unlock more tracks in the solo mode campaign. This can be infuriating to some gamers who would like to play all of the tracks from the start.

NASCAR Heat Evolution also features a simulation and arcade mode among the four available for players wanting to test out their racing skills. If you are up for challenge mode, then you will attempt to match or outdo current NASCAR scores. While NASCAR Heat Evolution has some issues when it comes to its mechanics and controls featuring AI and difficulty levels--despite this, the overall gameplay is fun, if you are into racing simulation games or a huge NASCAR fan.

NASCAR Heat Evolution is now available in North America as a retail and digital release on the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One and Windows PC for $59.99. It is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB. To learn more, visit the official NASCAR Heat Evolution website.

Score: 7 out of 10
Reviewed for Xbox One

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