Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Video Game Review)

Activision and Infinity Ward bring us another exciting release with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launches November 4th and will take the series to all new heights with a campaign that takes you through the dark depths of space. The new release brings back the action-packed multiplayer gameplay that fans love alongside an exciting new adventure into an 80s-theme park with Zombies in Spaceland. There is a lot to do this time around and Infinite Warfare brings you an entirely new campaign where you are in a heated battle over the Solar System. The Settlement Defense Front (SDF) is trying to control space, and it’s your job to prevent that, as you step into the shoes of Captain Nick Reyes of the Special Combat Air Recon.

The introduction of the new game environment also brings new gameplay mechanics focused around zero-gravity. In these environments, players will utilize their boost pack and grappling hook to navigate their environments as they engage in intense aerial combat. However, don’t fret, because you are not alone since you have the mighty Jackal to assist you in battle. You can control the Jackal without hardly any limitations and the fighter jet takes the immersion level to an entirely new experience.

The campaign has a ton of side missions to delve deeper into the storyline and gather some great enhancements in the process. The story mission can get a little boring at times and therefore completing side-quests is crucial to keeping your sanity throughout the game. These quests allow you to upgrade your suit and Jackal with a slew of fun additions, like enhanced focus and fun paint jobs. If you are looking for even more rewards, then you can head to the weapon armory, where you can upgrade tactical gear and find unique weapons.

Infinite Warfare takes you across a wide array of environments to battle it out against the forces of Rear Admiral Salen Kotch (Kit Harington), who commands the starship Olympus Mons and leads the SDF. All the planets you make your way across are beautifully designed with the cut-scenes and battle animations exquisitely done. The voice acting is once again superb and it was a real treat having Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington voicing your nemesis throughout the campaign.

The lean-from-behind-cover mechanic was a welcome addition to the Call of Duty series since it allowed me to stay more protected and die just a little less. Once you beat the campaign (takes around 6-8 hours), then you can replay the game in other game modes (Specialist and YOLO) to change up the difficulty and make the game a little more realistic.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare features six new classes (FTL, Stryker, Phantom, Merc) in the form of combat rigs that gives you new ways to play while on the battlefield. These classes are fantastic for changing up the gameplay. You start out with three classes and unlock the other three as you play the game. These classes all have their own unique weapons, traits, and payloads to test out and have fun with.

The multiplayer this time around is spot on and ultimately is what defines the Call of Duty series. There are weapons and certain equipment that go well with combos for perks and rig traits. Players can use the game’s currency for crafting, called Salvage, to create their own Prototype weapons for taking down opponents. These custom weapons come with their own unique extras and cosmetic enhancements. You are also rewarded in the game for trying new modes with the ability to join Mission Teams to gain exclusive rewards and weapons. Plus, it never hurts to change things up and try something new!

However, the best part of the new release is the addition of Zombies in Spaceland. I am a huge fan of the eighties, horror movies and zombies! So, it was a win-win for me. The storyline for Zombies in Spaceland consists of four aspiring actors who think they are auditioning for a part in Director Willard Wyler’s new film. The characters are invited to view some of his old horror movies where they are mysteriously transported into his film. Now they are forced to fight for their lives against hordes of deadly zombies before the last reel plays and their souls become trapped forever.

You have the original eighties stereotypes—The Jock (AJ), The Nerd (Poindexter), The Valley Girl (Sally), and The Rapper (Andre). Alongside this unique cast of characters, you also have the DJ (David Hasselholf), an icon who was sucked into Wyler’s nightmare a long time ago and has valuable tips for surviving the real-life horror movie.

Zombies in Spaceland features some incredibly fun weapons (that can be assembled from various quests) that can be picked up in game by modifying weapon kits before you start. The stats of the weapons will then be carried over between your multiplayer and zombie games. Some fun weapons in Zombies is the Dischord and the Facemelter. The single shot Dischord pistol makes zombies spin and knock other zombies into space when they are killed with it. The Facemelter shoots energy bullets that cause zombies to rocket upwards where they explode and then rain fire down on the zombies below. Both weapons are fun and super cool to play with throughout the game.

The perks in Zombies in Spaceland are distributed through Fate & Fortune Cards and Candy. Fate & Fortune Cards offer upgrades for a single match that enhance the player’s abilities and are earned through completing challenges and playing through the story. You can carry a deck of up to five cards into battle—so prepare yourself accordingly. Candy Perks can be found throughout stations around the map and offer a slew of entertaining abilities, like Slappy Taffy and Bang Bangs.

Zombies in Spaceland is an entire game on its own. The ability to gain extra lives by playing arcade games makes the zombies mode a little more manageable and enjoyable. As you may remember from last year, once everyone on your team died, then that was it and you had to start all over. The game has its very own leveling and progress system that allows you to add attachments to the weapons you buy in-game. Also, completing challenges and playing arcade games around the map will give you tickets that can be redeemed for weapons and gear at the various Concession Stands. You can literally spend just as much time playing Zombies in Spaceland as you could the multiplayer portion of Infinite Warfare. The replayability factor here is off the map!

If there isn’t already enough content for your money, you also get Modern Warfare Remastered for PS4 and Xbox One with your Infinite Warfare purchase. As someone who has never played the game to begin with, playing Modern Warfare Remastered on my PS4 is like an entirely new experience. The game has been remastered in true high-definition with enhanced textures, rendering and lighting. Long term fans get to enjoy some of their favorite missions like “All Ghillied Up” and “Crew Expendable” with modern day enhancements.

When it came to the multiplayer segment of Modern Warfare Remastered, I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it. The fact it takes away a lot of the overused elements today in matches like sliding and double-jumping, I felt like I could actually get in more kills than I normally do in Infinite Warfare. Sometimes it is nice to go back to old-school mechanics, because it not only makes you appreciate today’s titles, but also reminds you of how far gaming has come over the last decade. You will team up with your friends in customizable, classic multiplayer games with a title that introduced the ability to Prestige to unlock new weapons, perks, and so much more. Diehard fans will love playing maps like “Crash" and "Crossfire" with over 10 fan favorites to choose from. Modern Warfare Remastered plays fantastic on consoles and reminds you of why the Call of Duty series will never slow down and is so beloved by fans.

In the end, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a fantastic game and easily takes the reigns as the best shooter game of the year. The overall concept could be a bit futuristic for some, but I loved exploring space and seeing Kit Harington’s glowing face around every dark corner. You have a ton of content for your money with Infinite Warfare since you not only get the game’s campaign, multiplayer, and zombies mode but also the added luxury of Modern Warfare Remastered. Zombies in Spaceland and Modern Warfare Remastered was two additions to the game that took the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare game bundle to the next level.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is an out-of-this-world experience that has players traveling beyond the reaches of space in the most cutting edge shooter release this year! To learn more, visit the official Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare website.

Score: 9.7 out of 10
Reviewed for PS4

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