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Beautiful Minecraft (Book Review)

No Starch Press has released Beautiful Minecraft for $19.99.

The 112 page book is a great gift for Minecraft lovers that is packed full of beautiful Minecraft recreations. Beautiful Minecaft  is packed full of astonishing block creations that resemble floating cities, alien worlds, sculptures and landscapes. Every page details how many builders of the BlockWorks Team that it took to create the project alongside the number of blocks used and the days it took to complete the project.

Book Synopsis:

With a bit of imagination and a heavy dose of artistic talent, Minecraft blocks can be used to build almost anything. But as you’ll see, some artists are taking Minecraft building to a whole new level. Beautiful Minecraft is a compendium of stunning artwork built in Minecraft. Using millions of blocks and spending hundreds of hours, these artists have created floating steampunk cities, alien worlds, detailed classical sculptures, fantastical landscapes, architectural marvels, and more. The results are simply beautiful.

The coffee table book has recreated some of the beautiful artwork from the video game that astonishing across every single page. These exquisite Minecraft builds open up the imagination and make you want to start building your own beautiful creations.

In the end, Beautiful Minecraft is a fantastic book and a great purchase for Minecraft fans. To learn more, visit the official No Starch Press website.

Score: 9 out of 10

Book Information:
  • Author: James Delaney
  • Publisher: No Starch Press
  • Paperback
  • 112 Pages

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