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Skylanders Imaginators Review (Nintendo Switch)

Activision has released Skylanders Imaginators for the Nintendo Switch.

While the release isn’t an entirely new game (we reviewed it previously here), it does have some new ways that you can play the game on the new hardware. The Skylanders series is a title that allows gamers to bring their toys to life and then play their creations in game with tons of fun abilities. The first thing you will notice with Skylanders Imaginators is that it is visually better right off the back. The colors are crisper and the animation flow is sharper.

Skylanders Imaginators
did something new that past titles had not—which is to allow the user to create their very own Skylander from the ground up before placing them into the game. This means that the better the visuals—then the more you can enjoy all the intrinsic details of your character.

One of the great benefits of the Nintendo Switch is that you can now play Skylanders Imaginators on the go. Are you in the middle of a game and have to go pick your child up from school? Well now you can play Skylanders Imaginators while you wait in the car for your kid and then put it back on the console when you return home!

Another great aspect of Skylanders Imaginators on the Nintendo Switch is the ease-of-use that comes with the touchscreen capability. Gamers are able to just touch the parts they want to add to their characters which adds a higher degree of immersion into the title.

Outside of these few concepts, Skylanders Imaginators is practically the same game as it is on other consoles. However, the look & feel of the Nintendo Switch combined with Skylanders Imaginators' capabilities is naturally the perfect combination. To learn more, visit the official Skylanders Imaginators website.

Score: 9.6 out of 10
Reviewed for Nintendo Switch
with Wave 4 Skylanders.

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