Exclusive Interview: BioGamer Girl Talks To X-Men/Legion Writer Chris Claremont

BioGamer Girl sets down with legionary comic book writer Chris Claremont. Read on.

At the 2017 Huntsville Comic & Pop Culture Expo, Shane Bizzell spoke with Chris Claremont on behalf of BioGamer Girl to give fans some insight into the writer's mind. Check out the entire interview below!

About Chris Claremont

Writer Chris Claremont has encountered more success than most writers ever dream of. He is a NY Times best-selling author, been awarded the prestigious Kellogg Award in Arts and Letters by Bard College, inducted into the Will Eisner Comics Industry Awards Hall of Fame. His work has won multiple awards in France, Spain, England. His papers are collected in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Columbia University, New York.

Chris’s stories are trend-setters for the industry. Although best known for his work on Marvel Comic’s X-Men series, where he created the characters of Rogue, Gambit, Sabretooth, Kitty Pryde, Legion and the White Queen amongst many others, he has also written seminal characters such as Batman and Superman; originated The New Mutants and Captain Britain for Marvel and several creator-owned series. Chris is published throughout the world in many different languages. He has authored nine novels. He has spoken at Princeton, MIT, U Penn and Columbia University, appeared on television in the US and abroad. His work has touched millions.

To learn more, visit the official Chris Claremont website.
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