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Planet Nomads Review (PC)

Planet Nomads
will officially launch on May 25th for the PC.

Gamers take on the role of an astronaut who has crash-landed on a strange extraterrestrial planet far from home. You must survive by building your own shelters, vehicles and other equipment by using your various skills and talents.

The gameplay is centered around the exploration of the planet and the multiple biomes located across its surface. However, surviving isn't easy, and players must test their instincts against the planet's alien wildlife, extreme weather and deadly radiation.

Making your way across the procedurally generated, voxel-based world, players will find new challenges and species to explore. Upon crashing, gamers soon start to wonder how they will survive and what will happen to them. The different biomes on each planet offers new opportunities and downfalls for gamers to figure out. Your main objectives are to eat, drink and rest. With each new day comes new challenges, and learning the basics like how to craft a shelter or life-saving antidotes, will determine rather you survive the day or not.

Using your XJB-600 particle-manipulating Multi-Tool, players can mine resources and cut down trees to build the necessities they need. You can also craft vehicles to make it easier to explore and build a greenhouse for a steady source of food. No matter how you decide to craft your adventure, it is up to you on how you will journey across the forbidden planet. In the end, Planet Nomads is a fun adventure where crafting your survival is key. To learn more, visit the official Planet Nomads website.

Score: 8 out of 10
Reviewed for PC


  • Explore Multiple Biomes on Each Planet: Feeling like you know it all after several expeditions around your first base? You haven’t seen anything yet. Ride an hour south or north and find yourself discovering a new set of challenges, alien species and plants to harvest and use for good. Just like on Earth, climate zones and their temperature ranges determine what you see around yourself. Unless you’re visiting a lava planet looking for the exceptional xaenite.
  • Survive the Traps of Wildly Dangerous Worlds: Eat. Drink. Sleep. Everyday activities take on a greatly different level when you are stranded on an unknown planet all on your own. Make sure to find enough food and water while avoiding radiation, poisoning, freezing out, head trauma and other injuries incompatible with life. Eventually you will learn the basics. You will learn how to build a shelter and craft life-saving antidotes, adrenaline shots and med-kits. You’ll also learn that all of it is just the beginning of your journey where smarts and technology once again triumph over the beautifully cold-hearted nature.
  • Engineer Your Way Out of Trouble: You’re a scientist astronaut, not a space marine. Your best friend is the XJB-600 particle-manipulating Multi-Tool. It lets you excavate land, mine its natural resources, cut down trees and weld great things into existence. It is through clever use of technology that you secure your place among the hostile surroundings. Advancing your tech is the only way to unlock new places and ultimately space and your future.
  • Which Creatures to Avoid and Which to Hunt: The answer will come to you through good judgment and painful experience. You may be the only human being on the entire planet but you are not alone. Vicious predators will hunt you. Armadillo will smash you if you get too close to its lair. Precious sources of food will run away from you if you are too noisy. In nature it’s the survival of the fittest and be sure even the smaller scavengers will come to get you if they smell you are already bleeding to death or in a bad shape.
  • Build Incredible Machines with Ease – Block by Block: Whether you build a dune-buggy, heavy-armored six wheeler or an agile hovercraft, rest assured you can park them inside a garage you’ve built yourself. Construct a base around that garage and put up a solid defensive perimeter too. Add a green-house for steady income of food, workshop for crafting, and a generator room to provide energy for the whole facility. Manage it all remotely from the central control room. Or pack everything on board a massive mobile fortress and go Nomad style. Powerful block-based building made simple with Build Vision.
  • Take Care of Yourself: Keep yourself fit to stay alive. Planet Nomads is a life and death simulator. Your hunger, thirst and stamina levels are not just numbers on the screen. When they fall to critical levels you’re going to feel that. Without stamina you won’t be able to move. You may suffer from negative conditions such as head injury which will blur your vision. Bleeding drains your health and stamina. Radiation sickness wears you down on all fronts. All of this is bad – there’s no place for the weak in the wild.
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