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Carried Away Launches On Steam Early Access For $8.99

Huge Calf Studios has announced the release of Carried Away on Steam.

Indie developers Huge Calf Studios are releasing Carried Away, a skiing themed physics based puzzle game available on Steam. The game will be launched under the Early Access program and it will cost $8.99/€8.99/£6.99. Filled with challenges, Carried Away flips the classic bridge building genre upside down. The game offers a smooth experience in which you will have to construct chairlifts, drag lifts, gondolas, jumps and bridges to help skiers navigate a range of mountain terrain.

“We want to thank the brilliant community that has helped us improve our game during the closed alpha period,” says Jonny, Will and Andy from Huge Calf Studios. “We have ambitious plans for the continued development of Carried Away.”

Obsessively designed, Carried Away contains over 50 levels (and counting) with different procedurally generated backdrops across themes such as the rolling foothills and jagged peaks. The game includes a level editor so you can experiment, create and then share your scenarios via Steam Workshop. As the development of the game evolves, the studio will continue to add additional features, levels and environments.

In 11 languages, gamers can enjoy:
  • A skiing themed, physics based puzzle and construction game.
  • Over 50 levels with various ski lifts, jumps and bridges
  • Create and share your scenarios via Steam Workshop.
  • Never miss a moment with in-game Instant replays
  • Controllable skiers
  • Regular feature and content updates

Additional information for members of the press:
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