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NASCAR Heat 2 Review (Xbox One)

704Games and Monster Games have released NASCAR Heat 2 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

NASCAR Heat 2 is a racing game that allows players to make their way across new stand-alone tracks that can be played online or offline as they make their way to the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. The game has many options available to play with friends including split-screen and multiplayer.

NASCAR Heat 2 allows gamers to jump into the drivers seat with spot duty alongside simple objectives to complete to get them to the next step in their racing career. If you choose a car, then you have the ability to jump into 26 action-packed races in the Monster Energy and Xfinity Series. There are 16 races specifically designed for trucks.

The tracks in NASCAR Heat 2 can be fun and immersive for awhile but they do have the ability to become repetitive. The developers have tried to add in some realism to the game by providing real content from actual drivers to add a little personality to the game. The new release also experiments with some new features like momentum and the rivalry system. A large part of the game is composed of the Career Mode with 29 challenges and tons of replayability. And having the option to play on the couch with your friends via split-screen offers up a ton of fun and excitement to the game.

NASCAR Heat 2 is a title that requires precision and accuracy during its racing segments which adds a lot of suspense to the gameplay. The game's AI is also more aggressive than previous titles and can create quite the challenge for players. The visuals and animations are spot on for this type of game and the ambient soundtrack creates the perfect mood for long hours of racing against friends.

In the end, NASCAR Heat 2 offers up an immersive and rewarding gameplay experience by offering up a ton of variety both online and offline. If you are looking for an exciting racing game that you can enjoy with friends, then look no further than NASCAR Heat 2.

  • 3 National NASCAR Series – The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and NASCAR XFINITY Series are playable for the first time in nearly a decade. Add in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series and players have over 100 drivers to choose from.
  • New Tracks – 6 new tracks make racing more diverse. 3 road courses, 2 ovals, and 1 dirt track join the 23 updated Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series sanctioned tracks for a total of 29 tracks.
  • New Split-Screen Multiplayer – Two players can race together in head-to-head, local split-screen multi-player.
  • Deeper Career Mode – Work your way through all 3 NASCAR national series in your own custom car or takeover a stock car from the top NASCAR race teams!
  • Expanded Online Gameplay – 40-player online races are back! New this year and for the first time ever, complete the field with AI. New leaderboards, rolling seasons, online cautions, and the new NASCAR stage format create a robust online experience.

Score: 8.75 out of 10
Reviewed for Xbox One

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