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Poi: Explorer Edition Review (Nintendo Switch)

Alliance Digital Media and PolyKid has released their 3D platformer, Poi: Explorer Edition.

Poi: Explorer Edition has made its way to Nintendo Switch with exclusive content for $29.99. Poi: Explorer Edition takes the core experiences of the original game and expands it with more features such as Joy-Con motion control support, more boss battles, shiny new costumes, and even an unlockable digital soundtrack and art book.

Poi: Explorer Edition is a 3D platformer featuring two children who are on an adventure to unravel the puzzles of the Milky Way Globe. The beautifully vibrant artwork and detailed game worlds will have players venturing across strange lands on a quest to become a Master Explorer.

The soundtrack for Poi: Explorer Edition is an elegant masterpiece that manages to set the mood perfectly for your adventures through the Milky Way Globe. Poi is really a throwback to games from the 90s and is the perfect example of a 3D platformer that works. A good comparison game for Poi: Explorer Edition would be Super Mario 64. As you make your way through the game collecting Explorer Medallions (100+), then you start to feel the nostalgia and inspiration from earlier titles.

The medallions are placed around various worlds in the game with a ton of mini-games and challenges along the way. The mechanics are very fluid and combat seems to flow very well through the game. However, mastering the movements of your characters can get a bit tricky at first. As you progress, you will also notice that some of the gameplay seems repetitive as you complete the same tasks again and again. Some of the game's levels are very immersive and fun which makes up for the stagnant and repetitive moments you encounter.

In the end, Poi: Explorer Edition is a solid platforming adventure that manages to fully immerse the player into its magical world. To learn more, visit the official Poi: Explorer Edition website.

Score: 8.5 out of 10
Reviewed for Nintendo Switch

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