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Battle Cars Live Event Promotes Second Season of The Grand Tour Starting December 8

Amazon Prime Video teamed up with Twitch for Battle Cars Live event.

Amazon Prime Video has teamed up with social video service Twitch to broadcast “Battle Cars Live,” an interactive global live-streamed event in which rival teams of influencers will face off in a larger-than-life-sized showdown featuring cars rigged with explosives. Two unique matches will be streamed live exclusively on Twitch at http://Twitch.tv/twitch on Dec. 2, 2017: one at 10 a.m. PT, the second at 2 p.m. PT.

The popular creators competing in “Battle Cars Live” are IIJERiiCHOII, GoldGlove, Syndicate, Terroriser, Kurolily, Duxativa, Elded, and ChinglishTV. The event will be hosted by Twitch personalities Kelly Link and Rachel “Seltzer” Quirico.

“Battle Cars Live” is being directed by Brig and produced and executed by Tool of North America, a creative production partner to brands and agencies, with extensive experience in live-streaming.

Inspired by a segment from Episode 105 of the hit Prime Original Series The Grand Tour, “Battle Cars Live” will feature a gigantic grid-style game board divided by a towering barrier. Teams must strategize the placement of their differently sized vehicles to evade enemy attacks while trying to guess which tiles to explode on the opposing side to hit the other team’s cars. The entire showdown will take place in the dusty, arid reaches of Los Angeles to maximize the display and impact of the explosives.

Audience members will be able to participate in each live-stream using Twitch Extensions, which are customizable interactive overlays. During the event, each viewer will see an interactive overlay at the top of their screen, letting them select a team they’d like to play along with while voting for which tiles they’d like to see explode. A “How to Play” guide will be available for viewers at all times beneath the video.

“Battle Cars Live” will promote the upcoming second season of the Prime Original Series The Grand Tour, premiering Dec. 8, 2017, on Amazon Prime Video. Presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, The Grand Tour is a motoring series that travels the world in search of new adventures celebrating cars and automotive culture. For more information on the program, visit www.amazon.com/thegrandtour.
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