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Exclusive Interview: Isabella Blake-Thomas Discusses New Film Kepler’s Dream

In the new film Kepler’s Dream (showing in select theaters and available on InDemand), Isabella Blake-Thomas plays eleven-year old Ella, a young lady who is whisked off to live with her grandmother when her mother launches her last-chance medical “mission - all alone” against her leukemia. Ella dubs Violet von Stern's (Holland Taylor) isolated adobe ranch "The House of Mud." She thinks of it too as "Broken Family Camp" and "The Good Grammar Correctional Facility."

Sparks fly between the steely “GM” and her strong-willed granddaughter, but the theft of a treasured rare book from the GM’s library sets events in motion that reveal secrets, betrayals, and sorrows that have shaped the family for generations.

Ella, like the North Star for her grown-ups, helps point the way to resolution as she draws strength from the constellation of love formed by her grandfather’s legacy, the bonds of friendship with Rosie, Miguel's daughter, and her own fighting spirit.

We spoke to up-and-coming actress Isabella Blake-Thomas about the movie.

BGG: Is this the type of film you yourself would watch?

Isabella Blake-Thomas: I love family films and mystery films so yes I watch these all the time.

And I guess if you ‘know’ these types of films you also get their sensibilities?
I’ve always watched films like this so I was used to understanding the type of film it was going to be.

BGG: How did you find the part?

Isabella Blake-Thomas: The role found me really. When I auditioned for it I was told it was me. I was Ella. No-one else even auditioned for it.

BGG: Wow!  And did you improvise?

Isabella Blake-Thomas:  It felt natural to say Ella’s words but l was allowed to change things if l needed to. We are very alike, Ella and I. We have divorced parents, I’m very close with my pet dog, we had our hair cut short on film and donated it. This was real. Ella felt very much like me. l would [also] definitely want to help my Grandmother or family if something was taken.

BGG: How amazing was it to work with Holland Taylor?

Isabella Blake-Thomas: Holland is obviously very talented. l just got on with it. l had to be me, a child. She played her character very well and so l found it very easy to be afraid and then as time went on to love her and miss her.

BGG: What’s next for you?

Isabella Blake-Thomas: I have a few kids films coming out next year. Pretty Outrageous and The League of Legend Keepers, followed by Maybe I’m fine with Rob Mayes and Sounds of Silence with Daniela Nane and Lauryn Canny. I am also shooting a film with Jon Voigt in the next couple of weeks.

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