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MunchPak Review & Giveaway (Snack & Candy Subscription Box)

Have you ever wanted to try snacks from around the world without all of the traveling?

Subscription boxes are all the rage now and add a little convenience to your everyday life. The latest service to hit the scene is MunchPak  which delivers popular candy & snacks from around the world right to your home. The monthly subscription services differs from others on the market, because you can not only customize your snack box but also get exclusive snacks. This means that there is very little chance of you getting some of the same snacks that your friend may have got from the same service!

When picking out a MunchPak, you can pick 5, 10 or 20 snacks which can be delivered once or every 3, 6 or 12 months. You can also gift the service to a friend or family member with the ability to choose what kind of snacks are compiled in their pack. This means if they like crunchy, spicy or sweet snacks--then you can simply click on those at checkout to get a better selection of treats in their MunchPak that they will actually like. You can also add drinks options to your MunchPak  depending on the subscription services you choose.

BioGamer Girl received a MunchPak  in the mail which included a wide array of snacks and candy. One of the best aspects of the MunchPak  is the fact you get the opportunity to try a wide variety of snacks from all around the world that you may never have tried otherwise. There were several snacks in the MunchPak  that we might have not really picked out for our selves, but after trying them, found them to be quite delicious and worth getting again.

In the end, MunchPak  is a great service that not only provides high quality snacks but an exquisite variety to keep you eagerly anticipating each new delivery. If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift, then look no further with MunchPak! To learn more, visit the official MunchPak website. 

BioGamer Girl is giving readers a chance to win their very own MunchPak! For a chance to win, email biogamergirlcontests@hotmail.com with the subject line "MunchPak." 

Our Thoughts: Must-Buy
One of the best monthly subscription services available for high quality snacks!

A little bit about MunchPak:

MunchPak came around at a time when there was nothing of its kind. In the beginning, MunchPak was a simple idea dreamt up by Michael Beletz and Andrew Hawel in a living room to get international snacks to the masses all from one single place. This dream soon became a reality and in November 2013 MunchPak was born. After about six months of running MunchPak with just two people, Michael and Andrew quickly realized they would need to bring more devoted snackers onto the team for MunchPak to reach its full potential of becoming the very best snack delivery service. As of early 2016, the MunchPak team has grown to more than 15 people dedicated to expanding your snack horizons.

MunchPak started as a subscription box that takes snacks from all over the world and delivers them right to your door. Today, MunchPak offers many customizable options that allow you to pick your preference of snacks, the number of snacks you would like to receive, all the way down to how often you would like to receive a MunchPak - no longer just a monthly service. MunchPaks are available as a monthly subscription, or may be given as a gift. MunchPak offers many personalized ways to enjoy convenient munching.

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