Boxing Apocalypse Makes Its Way To Oculus for $19.99

Boxing Apocalypse is now available on the Oculus store for $19.99.

Aliens suck, especially when they are trying to take over Earth. So why not try out your best Punch-Out and clobber a few in the face. Now you can with first-person combat VR game, Boxing Apocalypse, which features a fully immersive, intuitive combat system, complete with finishing Power Punches, specialty skill combinations, and multiple levels of difficulty for boxers of all skill levels. Boxing Apocalypse has players held prisoner on a mysterious spaceship, where they will use their boxing skills to fight their way to freedom against a hoard of warmongering aliens. The game is now available in the Oculus store for $19.99. In addition, Boxing Apocalypse will launch on PlayStation VR soon, as well as add Tournament Mode, Multiplayer, and more levels.

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