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Sketchies Review (iOS)

Buzzito has released Sketchies for mobile devices. Read on.

Sketchies is making broad moves in the new world of games revolved around selfies. The casual TV party game revolves around selfies and can be played with 3-10 players. The game starts with players taking selfies on their mobile devices which then can appear on the TV through Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, a web browser, etc. Then they try to sketch absurd and hilarious scenes of their friends alongside fake captions for the scene while trying to guess what the original caption actually was.

Sketchies is a unique game with your phone actually acting as the game controller while using the TV as a shared screen so everyone can see the fun and chaos. The game is now available on iOS, Android and the Mobile Web for $6.99. This is a fun and quick game that you can enjoy with friends with easy drop in and out gameplay.

If you have been looking for a fun party game, then Sketchies might be for you. The game can create laughter and fun at the drop of a hat and its simple complex is genius. To learn more, visit the official Sketchies App Store.

Score: 7.5 out of 10
Reviewed for iOS

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