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Oddest of the Odd Releases Fortnite: The Movie

Are you ready for Fortnite: The Movie?  Read on.

Fortnite Season 5 is underway and countless players across the world are diving into the hottest battle royale game around, hoping to beat out 99 other players to claim Victory Royale! To celebrate the rapid success and popularity of Fortnite, the YouTube filmmaker group Oddest of the Odd has created FORTNITE: The Movie, celebrating Epic Game's colorful, zany, and free game. 

Oddest of the Odd pulled all its resources together to create one of the best live-action recreations of Fortnite to date. Using visuals and sounds from the game, FORTNITE: The Movie follows a group of battle royale participants dropping from the party bus and fighting to the death. But this isn't just a budget effort, Oddest of the Odd produced a nearly 15-minute short film packed with jokes and references that cover nearly every aspect of the Fortnite community. 

The movie focuses on two key characters, a man who has purchased Fortnite's Battle Pass and another whose mom refuses to buy him the Battle Pass. Players who purchase the Battle Pass in Fortnite have exclusive access to challenges and unlockable cosmetic skins. In the film, the experienced player wearing an astronaut outfit is constantly being held back by his "partner," who is always shot down. Fortnite fans will see other popular outfits and items throughout FORTNITE: The Movie. 

Despite the quality of the movie, Oddest of the Odd says it makes no money doing the film but still wants to make a difference. The company is using the popularity of Fortnite and the game's strong community to get the attention of gamers. Oddest of the Odd has started a GoFundMe page with the goal of reaching $50,000 where all the proceeds will go straight to the Child's Play Charity, an organization that donates games, toys, and more to children's hospitals around the world. 

"We’re using our film as a way to get peoples' attention to serious matters. Children in hospitals are so unfortunate and don’t get to enjoy life like most children are suppose to," says Oddest of the Odd's Courtlan Gordon on the GoFundMe page. "Video games are a great escape from whatever current situation they're in. We believe that raising money to help fund children’s hospitals will allow certain kids to feel normal and give them that break from reality that they deserve. We really hope everyone can help out this great cause. It means a lot to us and we want to show people that film can bring more to this world than just pure entertainment." 

Oddest of the Odd is also celebrating the release of FORTNITE: The Movie by giving away 2,800 V-Bucks, the premium currency in Fortnite used to buy Battle Passes and cosmetic items, and a Fortnite t-shirt. To enter the giveaway, viewers simply have to repost the video on any social media using the hashtag #OddestOfTheOdd. 

While FORTNITE: The Movie, hits many of the notes of the gaming phenomenon, it's important to know it is not related to a Fortnite television show that was rumored to be in the works. Recently, a Disney XD parody account tweeted that Fortnite: The TV Show would premiere on August 12, 2019. Many thought the tweet came from the real Disney XD account and the rumor gained enough traction and retweets that Epic Game's Nick Chester took to Twitter to say that the rumors were completely false.  

However, with the rising popularity of Fortnite, anything is possible for the game. Will a television show or feature film come to light? Who knows. For the time being, Oddest of the Odd's FORTNITE: The Movie is an entertaining look at what could be. 

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