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Mega Man 11 Review (Xbox One)

Capcom will release Mega Man 11 on October 2nd. Read on to check out what we thought!

The release of Mega Man 11 brings back your favorite characters in a new side-scrolling adventure with beautiful visuals. In the latest entry, your favorite Blue Bomber is taking on Dr. Wily and his plans of world domination. Mega Man 11 has a slew of difficulty modes allowing gamers of all skill levels to take on the various challenges throughout the game.

Gamers will challenge their platforming skills as they navigate challenging obstacles and enemies while utilizing the innovative Double Gear system. This system is in place to enhance your abilities with more speed and the ability to fly. As you make your way throughout the game, these new abilities become quite useful in overcoming the game's challenges.

One of the things that stands out most about Mega Man 11 is the beautiful cel-shaded artwork and the expanded game mechanics. The game now allows for Speed Gear and Power Gear which gives your character power shots allowing for more powerful attacks. Gamers also get a chance to take on new enemies like Dr. Wiley's Block Man and Fuse Man. When attacked, these characters activate gears that force you to strategically think about your next move. The gameplay is a little challenging at times as you make your way through difficult platforming spots and boss battles. However, the new Speed and Power Gear really start to come in handy as you progress through the game.

Mega Man 11 manages to do a fantastic job at pushing the franchise forward instead of backwards. The game has been overhauled from top to bottom and the gameplay definitely feels fresh and exciting. The game's innovative new features gives the new release a fresh feel making it feel like its own entity in the series. It is definitely not the classic game you grew up playing in the 90s!

All-in-all, Mega Man 11 is a fun and enjoyable release that manages to capture everything you loved about the series with a fresh new take. The innovative features allow for you to fall in love with the series from an all new perspective. Just in time for its 30th anniversary, Mega Man 11 releases on October 2nd for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A collector’s release (U.S. and Canada) is coming to Nintendo Switch in limited quantities and will include a Mega Man 11 amiibo and other collectibles.

Score: 8 out of 10
Reviewed for Xbox One

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