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303 Squadron: Battle of Britain Review (PC)

Playway and Atomic Jelly have released 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain for PC.

303 Squadron: Battle of Britain gives the unique perspective from heroes of WWII. Gamers join as a pilot and make their way through realistic battles based on history while making sure to keep their plane in top shape through the 1st Person Mechanic Mode. As you enter the open world of the RAF Northolt Base, players get to experience the hardships that soldiers faced on a daily base during War while uncovering immersive side-missions.

303 Squadron: Battle of Britain features gameplay based around daily battles and skirmishes that were recorded during the war by one of the participants. The developers have aimed for realism with its narrative and physics which creates a great deal of immersion while playing.

While playing 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain, gamers will learn the importance of every fighter in the squadron from the ground crew to the pilot. The characters, planes and mechanics are all inspired by historical events to deliver the most realistic experience as possible. The open world and the realism of the gameplay will really stand out to historical buffs looking for the best simulation experience. The No. 303 Fighter Squadron originated in July 1940 in Britain and consisted of Polish and other nations pilots. The 303 Squadron stood with other RAF units during the Battle of Britain. The game manages to capture the bravery of the 303 Squadron who were known as one of the most effective units of the Royal Air Force.

303 Squadron: Battle of Britain does a fantastic job of capturing all of the details of the war but suffers from several issues including poor optimization, weak AI and unresponsive controls. However, if you can overlook some of the issues, there is a solid aerial flight simulation with a realistic narrative. To learn more, visit the official 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain Steam page.

Score: 6 out of 10
Reviewed for PC

  • Missions and aerial combats based on an actual day-by-day skirmishes documented in the Battle’s calendar by one of the participants
  • Realistic physics and movement of fighter planes based on their actual parameters
  • 1st Plane Mechanic Mode of Hawker Hurricanes
  • Open world of RAF Northolt Base with hidden side-missions and characters influencing the gameplay

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