Digital Card Game 'Eternal' Now Available On Xbox One

Dire Wolf Digital reveals that Eternal is now available for Xbox One.

Dire Wolf Digital today announced that Eternal, their free-to-play digital card game is now available on Xbox One. Available on mobile, Steam Early Access, and now Xbox One, Eternal is a truly free-to-play, cross-platform digital card game with free-wheeling, adaptable collectible gameplay. Set in a world of six-guns and sorcery, Eternal combines rich tactical depth with fast-paced action and polish, where players freely mix cards to build any deck imaginable. Eternal is the most generous free-to-play card game on the market, where every card can be acquired for free, and only non-gameplay cosmetic items like Avatars and Totems require cash to purchase. Eternal’s emerging eSports scene also brings a new level of competition to the game, with monthly cross-platform cash tournaments, which will culminate in a $100,000 World Championship next spring.
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