Ematic Wired N-Switch Controller Review (Accessory)

Ematic has released their new Wired N-Switch Controller. Read on to learn more.

Ematic is a large wholesale electronics manufacturer who provides customers with high-quality technology at an affordable rate. Their new Wired N-Switch Controller is a beautifully designed controller that is not only lightweight but comfortable. If you are a diehard gamer like myself, you will know that a good controller is essential. The Wired N-Switch Controller is easy to setup, has a 7.2 ft cord, double motor, and turbo button. The controls on the Wired N-Switch Controller are very responsive which is essential for immersive gameplay. For those who love to share their gameplay on social media, the controller even has a screenshot button, allowing you to take screenshots during gameplay to share with friends.

All-in-all, the Ematic Wired N-Switch Controller is a great buy for Nintendo Switch owners and provides a great experience for extended periods of gaming. To learn more, visit the official Ematic website.

About the Ematic Wired N-Switch Controller

The Ematic Wired N-Switch Controller (NSWC012W) has an ergonomic and lightweight design that allows for hours of gaming at a time. This comfortable controller reduces the risk of a hand cramp, and the black and red design lends a sporty feel. The two vibrating rumble motors make for realistic and fun gameplay, while the 7.2-foot flexible cable moves when you do, so your talents will never be interfered. The controller is compatible with Nintendo Switch and PC devices, so you have the option to game from your console or on the go. With responsive and secure buttons, joysticks and a directional pad, you will always have full control of the game. Plus, with innovative button functions like TURBO mode, as well as Screenshot abilities, your controller gives you ultimate flexibility and variety. The 7.2 foot USB cable gives you plenty of room to play and ensures you stay connected during crucial battle moments.

  • Double Motor- Two vibrating rumble motors for realistic gameplay
  • Flexible Cable- 7.2 ft cord that moves when you move
  • USB Connection- Universal cable connection to your Nintendo console
  • PC Compatible- Works with the Windows PC operating system
  • Easy Setup- Plug in and Play
  • Light-Weight design- Comfortable to hold with its Ergonomic shape
  • Responsive and Secure buttons, joysticks, and a Directional Pad.
  • Screenshot button
  • TURBO button
  • Compatible Devices Nintendo Switch

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