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Ghost Tree #1 Getting Second Printing From IDW Publishing On May 22

IDW plans second printing of Ghost Tree #1 for May 22nd. Read on.

IDW Publishing announces today that Ghost Tree #1, the first chapter in an ethereal four-issue journey through the dark forests of Japan, sold out at the distributor level – well before its April 24th on-sale date! To meet the demand of fans and retailers, IDW will release a second printing of Ghost Tree #1 on May 22nd.

“We here on the Ghost Tree creative team are thrilled that we’re doing a second print,” says writer Bobby Curnow. “This is a quiet character-based drama— not something with big marketing hooks or flashy cover plans. We’re extremely lucky and thankful that people seem to be interested in what we’ve shown so far."

Illustrated by Simon Gane and colored by Ian Herring, Ghost Tree follows Brandt, a young man who returns to his ancestral home in Japan, only to uncover a haunted tree and the departed souls – including friends and family – that are drawn to it. Brandt attempts to heal some of history’s wounds, but will he be able to find any measure of peace for himself?

With its atmospheric visuals and evocative storytelling, Ghost Tree fits the profile of quality and independence that defined IDW from the very start of its two decades of publishing (and yielded such hits as 30 Days of Night, Zombies vs. Robots, Locke & Key, and Wynonna Earp) Рa tradition that continues through the Spring/Summer 2019 season with Amber Blake, Canto, Road of Bones, Usagi Yojimbo, Ragnar̦k: The Breaking of Helheim, Marilyn Manor, and Star Pig.

For information on how to secure copies of the Ghost Tree #1 second printing (FEB198787) and subsequent issues, please contact your local comic shop or visit www.comicshoplocator.com to find a store near you.
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