JT Music Releasing Their New Game of Thrones Tribute Video On April 12

JT Music will be releasing their Game of Thrones tribute on April 12th. Read on.

Who are JT Music? They are a couple of geeks who draw inspiration from video games and other pop culture phenomena to create original tracks paired with a music video. With ten years in the game and new content delivered every Friday on Rooster Teeth and Saturday on YouTube, they have amassed an impressive  2.7 million subscribers  and over  one billion views  on their  channel. Gamers all around the world gather to watch the boys killing the video game industry. Their music contains lyrics that references things that only a video gamer could catch. As experienced gamers, they have tackled some of the most popular video games up to date. Some of their more recent work includes  Call of Duty Black Ops,  Red Dead Redemption, and  Spyro Reignited Trilogy. These are just a couple of some notorious games within the industry. Their tribute to  Five Nights at Freddy’s, “Join Us For A Bite”, quickly became a fan favorite with  over 81 million views  and  7 million Spotify streams.

To learn more, visit the official JT Music website.

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