Steel Rats Review (PS4)

Tate Multimedia has released Steel Rats for PS4, Mac and PC. Read on to learn more.

In Steel Rats, gamers pile on their spiked shoulder pads, and head out for some intense motorbike action in this 2.5D arcade game. The game takes place in a retro-future world where you will perform deathly stunts and fight an invading hord of junkbots.

The Steel Rats are a punk biker gang who use to rule the streets of Coastal City but now must defend their way of life from a new impending danger. Gamers will choose their character, customize their bikes and work their way through Steel Rats to unlock new abilities and skills.

During an alternate 1940's USA, Steel Rats gives players their most powerful weapon--their motorcycle. Your bike will help you plow your way through enemies, rather it be in tunnels or rooftops. Steel Rats uses realistic physics based controls allowing for an entirely immersive experience during gameplay while racing, shooting and flipping your way into every battle.

In the end, Steel Rats is a fun and entertaining experience giving you the ultimate vehicular arsenal at your disposal. To learn more, visit the official Steel Rats website.

Score: 8 out of 10
Reviewed for PS4

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