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Party Hard 2 Review (PC)

tinyBuild has released the highly anticipated sequel, Party Hard 2. Read on.

Party Hard 2 is the sequel to 2015's party-stopping stealth strategy release. In Party Hard 2, players must stop the next party going on next door while not only uncovering an underground drug cartel but saving earth from an alien invasion.

Party Hard 2 features Twitch Integration, 14 sprawling levels, 4 playable characters, local co-op, dark humor, and tons more. The game has fantastic and colorful visuals with an intriguing new narrative full of twists and turns. The story starts out with you just trying to get some shut eye at 3 AM but you find it hard with a loud party going on next door. You decide you have to make it stop, no matter what it takes.

The strategy game allows you to use a variety of trap combos to disrupt the party and its attendees while you make your way across 14 levels full of jam-packed fun and take on two incredibly unique boss fights. The soundtrack in Party Hard 2 is superb and makes the gameplay even more immersive.

In the end, Party Hard 2 is a great sequel in the Party Hard series with its vibrant visuals, fun storyline and innovative mechanics. To learn more, visit the official Party Hard 2 website.


  • Dozens of new traps including combos: use different substances that react with each other. Why not set a chain reaction with water and electricity?
  • 4 playable characters with entirely unique play styles, stats, and abilities!
  • 14 sprawling levels featuring 2 boss fights
  • 27-track OST
  • Brand new crafting system and dozens of items to combine: why not a lighter and a can of gasoline?
  • Take out multiple targets simultaneously with the powerful Multi-Kill ability!
  • Scan the room for targets and useful objects using Party Vision!
  • Interact with NPCs: get an NPC drunk, bribe punks, or make someone pee their pants in fear!
  • Different objectives that match your playstyle! It's your call if you want to choose only objective-sensitive non-civilian targets. Killing everyone works, too. Your playstyle may effect the progression of the game, specifically unlockables.
  • Local co-op is back! Stop parties, with a friend!
  • Twitch integration is back and shinier than ever! Your favorite streamer is playing Party Hard 2? Build them a level, fill it with partygoers, set objectives, and become King Of The Hill!
  • Brand new 3D visuals and lighting effects
  • An intriguing story of vengeance and redemption. Yes, with a twist and a fugitive circus bear.

Score: 8 out of 10
Reviewed for PC
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