Lifestyle: 8 Signs He Never Plans To Fully Commit and You Should Just Move On

There are certain signs in a relationship when one or both parties knows there is an expiration date. Sometimes people want you in their life (for now) but know they never plan to have a real future with you. Here are the signs that he never really plans to commit to you fully and you should just move on!

8. He Never Talks About The Future
The most obvious sign that your boyfriend never plans to take your relationship to the next level is that he never talks about the future with you. Someone who really wants to spend the rest of their life with you will make sure you know it. They will talk about getting married, not be taken aback when its brought up, and they will talk about ways to accomplish your dreams together. If it seems like you are sitting around while they work the job that they want, in a state you don't want to be in, and don't take you into consideration of what or where you want to live, then they don't plan to be with you long term. If they keep wanting to sign temporary leases on apartments instead of finding a home that you can build together, then your relationship has an expiration date.

7. He Lies or Purposefully Deceives You
Someone who wants to spend their life with you, will never try to lie or deceive you. If you constantly catching him in petty lies, and you think, why would he lie about something so trivial? Then he is hiding something much larger. Someone who doesn't want to be with you long term will constantly be on the look out for something better. These people will often keep their phones very close to them at all times, in their pocket or flipped over when they put it down. That is because they are doing things they know they shouldn't be and don't want you to catch them. This could be secretly logging into Facebook accounts they said they deleted, deleting text messages or calls from co-workers or other females so you won't see them, deleting their browser history or even lying about what they really are doing for lunch and who they are with. A person's past can tell you lot about them and if they cheated in past relationships or were very promiscuous, and you start to notice alarming behavior that says they haven't really changed, then believe your gut! And if they had several relationships with women at their previous job, then usually they carry that behavior with them to the next. People don't change as much as they claim. Especially if it is behavior they have carried out for decades. Someone who wants to be with you for the rest of their life will never make you doubt that they do. Their actions on a daily basis will make you feel loved and secure. They won't care to talk to other women in any form above you and wouldn't risk your relationship over that. If they lie and say they will change, yet go back to doing the same things, then they don't plan to really work on the issues. If he is telling you a co-worker needs to text or call him constantly for him do his job or puts anything above you ever, he is not the one.

6. You Fight All The Time or He Has Stopped Fighting For You
A big indicator that a relationship is over is that you constantly annoy each other or fight a lot. When one or both people have checked out, then things you use to brush off, start to irate you. You fight about anything and everything. It doesn't matter rather its work, texting habits, money or what. You will fight all the time. When the fighting actually completely stops, then you are nearing the end point. Someone who wants to be with you for the rest of your lives will always fight for you. Rather it be the first or 5000th fight. They will constantly be wanting to fix what is wrong so you can be happy. And will try to make amends or find a way to make it up to you after hurting you. If they just lie during fights saying they will fix the stuff you are fighting about then they continue to do that same behavior anyway, they don't care to be with you. Someone that wants to be with you will fight tooth and nail for you to stay in their lives. If he tries to purposefully hurt you when you fight or he just lays there while you walk out the door--he is not the one. And he never planned to be with you long term.

5. He Tells You That He Hasn't Proposed Because Saving Money Then Buys Large Ticket Items In Secret
When a man doesn't really want to be with the woman but enjoys the convenience of whatever the relationship gives them rather it be sex, companionship, etc, then it is usually very evident in their actions. Someone who plans to never commit will always give you excuses why you haven't moved to the next level. It will be that they need to save money to buy the ring or waiting for your lives to get in a better place. The list of excuses goes on and on really and if you are reading this--I am sure you have already heard a few. However, if you start to notice that they say they haven't done it due to money, yet hold $10,000 in a bank account and buy large ticket items in secret (like a new Xbox) or constantly go out to eat at work instead of trying to take their lunch--then they aren't trying to save money--they just don't want to spend that money on YOU! And it is time to plan your exit from the relationship. These type of guys who try to keep you on the back burner waiting for this "happy life" you will have "one day" never plan to keep that promise. One way they try to stall the process is by giving you a promise ring (which is meant for young kids really and not appropriate for adults in my opinion) or other jewelry in order to try to shut you up for the meantime. However, they are giving you this cheap piece of metal to just shut you up. They never plan to follow it up with an actual engagement ring. Someone who knows they want to be with you will never hesitate showing that, and if they said you are the love of their life and want to be with you forever, money would not be an issue. However, when men really don't want to do that, money will be an excuse. Never take a promise that he will commit one day--if it has been one or two years--and he is stalling--then it isn't ever going to work anyway. When it is real love, you know it. And you want to make sure to never lose it. Someone that stalls or makes excuses, doesn't care if they lose you, thus aren't really in love.

4. You Feel More Alone Than You Ever Have
When you are in a relationship that works, then being with that person makes you feel like the most special person in the world. But when you start to feel ALONE when you are with them, and you no longer talk or don't enjoy doing things together, then they most likely aren't the one for you. For example, if you go on vacation with them and you can't agree on one thing to do so do nothing in return--then something is very wrong. But it all comes down to their daily actions and you often know in your gut when something is off. You feel alone because even though they are there--they haven't been really there for you for awhile. And that resentment starts to slowly creep in the longer they make you feel that way until you eventually no longer feel happy in anything you do together. And in the end, feel like you are by yourself.

3. He Doesn't Care If You Are Happy
Do you have dreams, hopes and things you want to do in life? But you soon find that he doesn't really support any of it? Even though you have went through hell to support his choices for your life together? Well that means that what he needs and wants comes before you or your happiness. Someone that wants to spend the rest of their life will want to make sure you have what you need in life to be happy too. Maybe you spent your whole adult life raising kids and now they are off to college--you want to explore and travel and do all the things you wanted to do in life but never got to do. If your boyfriend constantly makes excuses why he can't do those things with you then it is because he doesn't really care enough about you to do it! And he might be holding you back more than lifting you up!

2. You Don't Make Any Purchases Together
Another huge sign that someone doesn't plan to ever put a ring on it is if your lives are completely separate. If you keep your money separate, don't confront the other about huge purchases or decisions or you never buy anything for your future together--then there is no future. When someone loves someone so much they want to be with them forever, then they are constantly trying to find ways to join their life with yours. If your lives seem like two separate entities, and you haven't even bought a couch with this person, then you probably aren't going to be together forever. This also applies if you find yourself constantly buying their kids/grandkids gifts for Christmas and birthdays and yet he has never bought anything for yours--then he doesn't care about you or a life with you.

1. You Just Feel It In Your Gut
You know when a relationship has potential and when the other person really loves you. You know it in your gut. They make you feel loved, wanted and cherished. However, if you are constantly doubting it and their actions constantly make you feel insecure then its time to make a plan to get out especially if they break your trust over and over again. In the end, it might be the best thing for you that they didn't propose, because do you really want to live the rest of your life feeling that way? No one wants to be with someone they can’t trust and spend their life doubting everything that comes out of their mouth and spending their days hovering over their phone like Gollum for the answers. Trust your GUT! At the end of the day, if he had really wanted to rule your world, he would have put a ring on it!
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