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Bad Dream: Fever Review (PC)

Ultimate Games and Desert Fox have released Bad Dream: Fever for PC. Read on.

In Bad Dream: Fever, gamers will enter a world covered in ink caused by an unknown plague. The world around you seems desolate and everything is dead. This feverish dream immerses you in its abstract world where you must proceed with caution. You have to avoid the ink in order to survive in this amazingly eerie point and click adventure.

The innovative puzzles throughout the game will keep you on your toes while you prepare for what you least expect. As your healthy mind is overtaken by the feverish dreams, you are filled with fear, loneliness and suffering.

Bad Dream: Fever is a psychological thriller that goes into the darkest places of your mind. Will you survive? As you try to beat the plague around you and uncover its origins, you will notice the beautifully drawn environments and characters. The game manages to fully immerse you with its creative mechanics and storyline. After waking up in a mysterious bedroom, you escape to find a woman who tells you a plague has turned everyone's blood to ink which has ultimately killed them. You will find items scattered throughout the game that will help you solve problems and uncover why the plague started in the first place.

However, while the innovative gameplay can be fun for awhile, it eventually becomes tiresome and dull. You eventually grow tired of some of the same things that made the game charming in the beginning. But the game does have enough content and gameplay to keep you playing for several hours before this occurs.

In the end, Bad Dream: Fever has a beautiful storybook style that is charming and immersive with its creative puzzles and storyline. To learn more, visit the official Bad Dream: Fever Steam page.

Score: 6.5 out of 10
Reviewed for PC

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