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Tropico 6 Coming To PS4 and Xbox One on September 27

Kalypso and Limbic Entertainment announce Tropico 6 will release on September 27.

Strategy gaming specialists Kalypso Media and developers Limbic Entertainment have today announced that Tropico 6 will release worldwide on September 27, 2019 for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. The Xbox One version is available now in Game Preview, and just received a major update, which introduces the random map generator alongside other improvements and fixes. The full changelog can be found on the Kalypso forum, while a new batch of screenshots can be downloaded to show the random map generator in action.

Tropico 6 is a strategic city builder and dictator simulator where players assume the role of El Presidente on the fictional banana republic of Tropico. With a dynamic and lively population of individually-simulated Tropicans, balance city building, infrastructure, politics, tourism and economics on your island paradise and rule Tropico as a peace-loving statesman or fearmongering dictator, and everything in-between. Interviews are available with publishing and development staff at Kalypso Media and Limbic Entertainment. To request an interview and for all other media enquiries, please contact the Kalypso Media PR team. Follow Tropico on Facebook and Twitter. Visit the World of Tropico website at WorldOfTropico.com. For more information, please see www.kalypsomedia.com.
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